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After a very busy summer and a couple extra months of waiting for our paperwork to be processed…

We now have all that we need to be launched into our new field of ministry!

We have purchased our airplane tickets—are packing our bags, and counting down the days. HALLELUJAH!!

We will be leaving Canada on March 8th. We know these next couple of weeks will fly by as we wrap up our time here and finish all we need to—before moving overseas again. The question now is, “How do we pack our lives into 10 suitcases?” We have done it before but hope to not have to do it again for a long time! If we don’t have to see a suitcase for the foreseeable future, we are ok with that. 😊

Thank you for covering us in prayer to get us this far. We are so grateful for all of you that lift up our needs and concerns to the Father; you bless us so much!

We ask that you continue to pray for all the packing, COVID testing, and travel that we need to do over the next while.

Also, please pray for our family as we transition into a new culture and people group. Our first few months in the country will be a huge learning curve and we want to steward it well. We will be learning a new language, new culture, and an overall new way of life.

We can’t wait to make new friends and be light in the darkness in a new land. We know that the Lord has good things ahead of us and look forward to all the opportunities He is preparing for our family. We are believing for quick fruit and an abundant harvest!

Thank you for partnering with us in the journey!

Much love,

The TJ Family