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Blessing Hands Mission is an organization founded by Pastor Vincent Sahayanathan and the Church in Toronto, Canada, to support the nation of Sri Lanka and its people through evangelical and charitable work.

Toronto Harvest Missionary Church established Blessing Hands Mission and commenced the building of a Vocational Training Centre in Mylampavaly, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

The aim of the Training Centre is where youth across the nation will be trained to do outreach work. Students will spend six months at the Centre where they will learn the keys to mission work. They are to take the skills they’ve been equipped with from the Centre and travel into the 38,000 villages across Sri Lanka—providing help and support to people in broken homes and families, victims of abuse, the drug and alcohol dependent, and kids who have no access to education.

These trained students will ultimately go out to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will work to restore hope and productivity for people in villages that currently lack opportunities to thrive. This program will run year-round, and young people who are sought out in villages will be given the opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts and register at the Vocational Training Centre for further discipleship and a chance to help others who were once lost like them. 

ACOP Global Harvest has been providing guidance for a number of young adults from Toronto who are involved in the work of establishing this ministry and who hope to be involved in Sri Lanka as Global Workers. The mission goal is that this Training Center is to raise a generation who desires to serve the nation and propel it to thrive. 

The grand opening took place on March 30th, 2022. Congratulations from ACOP!

Sri Lanka Team