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“Run in such a way as to win your prize! Athletes follow strict training to win crowns that don’t last, but we do it to win crowns that will last forever. So don’t run aimlessly…!”

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

You’re not competing against other people but against your own sin, indifference, discouragement, greed, pride, lethargy, fear, unbelief, and self-centeredness…

You’re competing against the cultural and familial worldviews that are bred into us, and which prevent us from seeing our world, our identity, and our calling in a way that aligns with what God says. And you’re competing against an enemy who’s determined to rob us of eternal rewards that Jesus wants to give us. [1]

Every born-again person receives everlasting life, but the Bible tells us that there are crowns and positions in the billions of years ahead, which, Jesus only gives to those who focus on His agenda and live to hear Him say, “Well done! You’ve been faithful in a little: now I entrust you with much more.” How sad that we don’t teach these truths anymore!

Somehow, we’ve become capitalistic toward earthly things, but communistic when it comes to eternal matters. The enemy is robbing us, God’s people. Don’t get dragged into the turbulence around you, instead, keep your eyes and heart locked on God’s agenda. He saved you for good works, prepared great works for you to do [2], and really, really, wants to give you a full reward for doing those works [3].

So run to win!

Pray for us as we run to win!

  • We’re currently training a PAOC missionary who’s leading a French Kairos Course online
  • The Quincey’s and Bruce recently led the leaders of 3 Saskatchewan churches through Interface; the feedback was positive
  • Bruce led a 5-day Kairos Course, spoke in churches, and helped train the mobilization team in France from the 7-25th of April
  • We recently resumed our home group meetings with 3 young adults by their request
  • We continue to coach a disciple who’s preparing to work among the Pashtun [4]
  • We look for opportunities to share Jesus with the Québécois we encounter daily
  • Bruce is coordinating a France—Québec team translating and dubbing mobilization tools for the French-speaking world

How to pray:

1. Ask the Lord to bring all of the “moving parts” together for this Kairos Course in France, from the right participants signing up to all the materials arriving at the large Assemblies of God church in Normandy where the course is being hosted.

2. Ask Him to give me the relevant & specific messages for the different churches in which I’ll be ministering. 

3. Ask Holy Spirit to transform the worldviews and values of those who sign up for the course. Ask Him to break indifference and awaken obedience. Ask Him to download fresh ideas of how to reach the lost in people’s minds and willingness to do whatever it takes to obey Jesus.

4. Pray for the Kairos France annual general meeting. We’ll be choosing a new national coordinator, strategizing about how to multiply mobilization teams, and how to spread these tools to all of France.

5. Pray for my physical health. – I hurt some back muscles lifting some far too heavy cases in September (reality is hitting…. I ain’t 30 no more) and have been visiting a physio since February. A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with “benign paroxysmal positional vertigo” and was useless for 3 days. Couldn’t get a doc’s appointment, so finally checked online for the process to correct it. I’m 90% better now, but it still hits me when I’m tired or move my head too quickly. I need both of these to be completely healed before all the train rides ahead of me! And of course, there’s Covid. I’m vaxxed to the gills and will wear N95 masks on public transport. Catching Covid and having to quarantine would be a major problem for a 3-week trip, including a 5-day course I’m leading!

6. And of course, please pray for the Lord’s hand on Lauren at home. She’ll have a more restful 3 weeks without me, especially since we’re closing an online course this Thursday night. But she’ll still be busy teaching English, leading our house group Tuesday nights, and involved in a couple of programs in the local church we attend.

Thanks so much! I know we will literally feel “carried” by your prayers!

Bruce & Lauren

[1] Romans 14:12 | Matthew 25:23 | 2 Timothy 4:7-8 [2] Ephesians 2:10 [3] 2 John 1:8 [4] A large unreached people group in Afghanistan and Pakistan