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I do not know what the weather is like where you are, but here, spring took a long time to come!

Actually, just last week we woke up to more snow, but I am getting more and more excited for spring to come. The parks around here are slowly filling up with people since we’ve been having warmer days. I find as winter ends, it’s far easier to meet new people since everyone is out and about. This year I have new friends who seem like they will be interested in going to parks and sharing with me. This is something that brings me so much life. 

Another way I have been connecting with others is through English Speaking Club. A friend of mine runs it and she has been needing help. I have really enjoyed my time serving there. So many people here want to learn English and if you are willing to help it is a great way to build relationships. We have a great mix of people who are believers and those who are not. There is an Iranian woman who attends and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. 

One of the guys that Roni has been meeting is at the point where he is ready to start believing. His father is a leader of a mosque so this man has grown up very religious. It is amazing that he has become so interested in learning what it means to follow Jesus. His first question to Roni when they met was “You are married? How do you treat your wife?” As a couple, we are realizing how important our marriage is—married life has brought many new ministry opportunities for us. 

April is the start of a month of fasting called Ramadan. During this month people are more spiritually aware. This is a very important time for Muslims and even some who are not so religious will fast. Fasting is a part of the 5 pillars of Islam, making it crucial to partake in Ramadan. They see this as a time to gain points to hopefully make it into heaven. We hear many testimonies of people coming to Jesus during this time of fasting. Having dreams and visions has been a way that people have met Jesus. 

I have mentioned the prayer course I am a part of (in a previous newsletter) called Transformation Prayer Movement. I am now in phase 2 of the program where I am watching sessions being done on others and learning how to lead sessions in the future. The longer I live here and learn about the culture the more I can see how much this ministry can help locals. My heart is to see freedom brought to these people and healing from past traumas that people have walked through. Sadly, due to the culture being so honor and shame-based people tend to hide a lot of their pain. I see so much of this within our local church. 

Please pray that the Lord would bring healing to the believers here.

Visa Update: 

It has been a little while since we have given an update on Roni’s Canadian visa. After we had heard back that his last visa was refused I got in contact with my MP in Canada. His assistant has been helping answer some of the questions we have about reapplying. We finished the paperwork and have just sent this next visa application in. We would love it if you could be praying with us as we wait to hear back from the visa officer. 

As always thank you so much for partnering with us as we do the work the Lord has called us to. We could not do this without you! We would love to hear from you and know how you are doing! 

Much Love, 

Sue & Roni