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Cultural Update: This past month has been Ramazan. Muslims all over the world have been fasting and seeking revelation from God (at least in theory). Not only do they fast from food, but also from water (drinks of all kinds) as well as things like smoking. As you can imagine, this is very difficult for many people. However, it also is a great opportunity to pray for God to reveal Himself, as well as to have many conversations, asking them about their faith.

Interestingly, this year has proven to be different for many Muslims in this country. Two years of lockdowns has actually weakened the devotion to fasting. During the lockdowns, there was no peer pressure to fast, as well as no opportunity to celebrate Iftar each evening (the breaking of the daily fast, typically done with family, friends, or even strangers). As you can imagine, this provides even more opportunities for conversation, as we can not only ask “Why do you fast?” but also, “Why aren’t you fasting?”

Testimony: A friend of ours went to another city to baptize a new believer last weekend. (Celebrate!) During the trip, he also had the amazing opportunity to meet with two influential Islamic leaders from here. Our friend was joined by a local believer, and the conversation was incredible. 

Three minutes into the conversation, they asked the local believer “Why did you leave Islam?” After sharing his testimony, he asked the leaders, “Why do you choose Islam?” The one leader responded that she was born into it. After conversing further, she asked, slightly mystified, “Are you saying that I can choose how close I can be to God?” Toward the end of the conversation, the other leader suggested that our friends might return to share with his students. He also said that he was considering having his students read the Bible. What an amazing opportunity God has given!

Personal News Update: At the end of June, we are planning to move! Please keep us in prayer as we figure out where we will live and all the details that come with that. We are praying that we can settle into a home where we will be able to reach out to neighbours and have a greater opportunity in our new community.

Prayer points:

  • Please pray for the Islamic leaders throughout the Middle East. Some are actually turning to Jesus, tired of their previous beliefs. Pray especially for the Imams as Ramazan ends for this year.
  • Pray for us, as we decide where to move, and then have the task of moving ahead of us!
  • Pray for our son, as he sprained his ankle and is having a hard time healing.

Until All Know Him,

Alex & Sarah