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But Christ is faithful as the Son over God’s house. And we are His house, if indeed we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope in which we glory.”

Hebrews 3:6 NIV

Greetings with tons of love!

At this moment I feel wonderfully blessed to be part of our ACOP family (52 years)!

I logged into our ACOP 101 Conference, at the time of writing, I was listening to the message by our President Wes Mills. I saw so many familiar faces I am feeling sad that I wasn’t present but, there is much joy to seeing you all, and (most of all) it was nice to see my grand-daughter in-law Sarah as part of the worship team singing with lots of verve!

The past few months have been demanding. Schools reopened in April after a 2-year hiatus caused by the Covid 19 virus. Within this time of school re-opening, three of our school facilitators became infected with the virus. Following the recovery from the virus infection, two of them continue to suffer from one or two after-effects. Other teachers and students throughout the schools’ population also became infected. So adjustment in settling down to normal school continues.

In January, the House of Assembly changed hands after 20 years of one party in governance. This meant we had to re-negotiate to continue our school’s program. We have great testimonies from principals and teachers about good success. We are now waiting for confirmation of a new “Memorandum of Understanding”—God gives the harvest. We are given a unique opportunity to participate in all three dimensions (body, mind, and spirit) and for this, we give the Lord all the glory!

Our church service was online during the Covid 19 shutdown until Easter Sunday. Since we were not occupying the space we rented, we returned the keys to the landlady. When we were ready to resume our gathering we had to find a new space to rent. This proved to be challenging since prices were exorbitant—through much prayer the Lord provided!

I approached the Pastor of the New Testament Church of God, for the use of their Youth Auditorium for our Sundays’ meeting. It is a beautiful and comfortable air-conditioned space. The Pastor without hesitancy said “Yes.” Throughout the years we have had a great working relationship with this church family. As a matter of fact, we do with all the full gospel churches here. Ah..”How beautiful it is for brethren to dwell together.” We sure enjoy the results of such relationships in many ways.

One of our dear sisters saw the need for ministry to the elderly. Many elderly are “shut-ins,” in order to keep themselves safe. Our dear sister Janice launched WAVES—“Women Adding Value to the Elders,” it has proven to be a great blessing.

Honouring school principals is a joy! Mr. Noel and Mrs. Althea were both fine examples of great leaders in education. What joy I had two months ago to honour them on their retirement. Both were senior teachers when I first started the school’s program. They were then promoted as school principals and served for many years in that capacity. We had a close working relationship and they were always willing to assist when I needed it.

One of our youth, Deborah, received a Music scholarship from “New York Conservatory.” This is a great achievement for her. Deb loves the Lord and would be a great ambassador. I have had the privilege of mentoring her in church since she was 8 yrs old. Presently I am mentoring four youths.

Each new year I plan to retire but, I am happy to say God is in charge and He has the say! So I am rejoicing that my health is fine and the harvest is ripe and ready to be harvested. With your prayers and support together we would see the fruit of our labours.

Prayer needs

School Outreach and signing of “Memorandum of Understanding.” Continued finances for our school’s program.

Government, good governance, and lowering of crime.

Our church, to see growth and land for a building.

New believers, Joanne, and family; they also need a house to live in. Casey & Billy, Luca & Gabrielle, Marie Anne.

“May the Lord continue to bless you all abundantly and make His face to shine on you.”

In Christ,