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Ever sit back and wonder what God is doing or why you are going through the situation that God is allowing you to go through?

We know we aren’t the only ones who ask God why we go through certain things. As we have previously shared, we are in full-time language learning, and, as exciting as that may sound, it isn’t something to write home about.

But we will anyway! 😊

Our days feel long and tiring as we try to cram in as much language in a day as we can before our brains explode. 🤯 We often look at our kids and realize, that they too are tired of working their brains. There’s just not much that is exciting about learning a language, at least while we go through the process. Sure, once we learn, we will be able to communicate better and connect with people on a deeper level, but that is still months away and feels like an eternity away when we are figuring out which grammar to use for a certain sentence.

However, we do have daily wins and try to focus more on those…

Our language tutor is amazing and since she doesn’t know English, we are slowly getting to the point of building a relationship with her as we learn more words. She is in her late 20s and is really starting to open up to us. It feels like we can communicate with her better and better every day. We pray for her to come to know the Lord one day!

Going back to the original question of wondering what God is doing?

During this time of learning, we aren’t just learning a language, but we are also learning more and more about how a Muslim background believer can live and thrive in this area. Last time we wrote about our brothers and how amazing it is to see them grow. One of them has been a believer for just over 2 years and the others much less than that. We know our friends have many bad days as we all do, but they don’t get caught up in it.

They wake up early, often at 5 am, to pray for the day, for their families, and for the people that they know need Christ in their lives. It doesn’t stop there; they then go out and do what they feel the Lord is telling them to do that day. They pray with and for people; walking in obedience to Jesus as they go about their daily lives. They have started groups with people they are closest to, sharing the Good News with them on a regular basis. They are living out the Book of Acts in a time and age where many are walking away from the faith.

Since our last update, they have been instrumental in walking with two more brothers into accepting the Truth. What they are doing goes against everything they grew up believing, against the culture and the way of life here, but it matches up with what they have been instructed to do in the Bible. Go, teach, and baptize.

The work seems impossible, but nothing is impossible with God, and it is amazing to watch. It is incredible to see these brothers risking their lives to help save others. It encourages us to go out and risk it all for the Truth!

So today, we encourage you to do the same. Take a risk and share with someone. Listen to God’s voice and go into a situation that might feel uncomfortable. After all, it’s usually when we are the least comfortable that God works the best.

Tom & Jenni