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Hey! Brooke and I recently got engaged! Obviously, this is a big change. In fact, since my trip to the Middle East this last spring, there’s been a few big decisions to make—and that’s made communicating tricky.

Aside from getting engaged, the other big change was deciding to switch the location of our deployment in the Middle East. If you’re interested in the story behind that decision, please reach out to us!

We’ll be spending a month this fall partnering with the team already in the Middle East, which will allow us to scout locations where we could land and potential language schools, etc. We will also participate in a workers’ conference. Ultimately, we feel that going in the fall is a healthy step that will take the edge off of the unknown of getting married and moving all at once. 

Once we get back, we plan to be married around New Year’s and move to our new home long-term in April or possibly May. In the meantime, we’re busy with commitments and doing what support-raising we can in between (we just had an awesome weekend in Assiniboia).

Here’s what’s happening…

  • We’ll be in the Middle East for a month mid-September
  • We’re getting married around New Year’s (no date yet!)
  • We’re raising our support
  • Brooke is finishing her role as Admin Assistant and is looking at starting a TESL program

Thank you for partnering with us. We count ourselves blessed to have such an amazing family in Christ. We pray that you would know that you have an equal share in the fruit, through us. This wouldn’t be possible without you! 

Joey & Brooke