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“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20

It has been a very busy season, moving from one camp to another and from one school of ministry to the other, yet it’s been a blessed season! We witnessed lives changed and restored, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and empowered to carry the flame of God. The main focus was: discipleship and healing from trauma. 

With fewer words and more pictures, we would like to give you a quick tour of a Romanian ministry season…

School of Inner Healing Ministry

A 7-day program intended to equip and grow our ministry team for the upcoming healing and marriage retreats. The high demand and positive feedback determined we schedule another school for the end of November!

Discipleship Camp

A 7-day camp, intended to provoke the young generation to go deeper and further with God. Combining worship, teaching, creativity, and inner healing sessions with relaxation and fellowship. The camp stirred a new hunger for God in the hearts of all the participants—according to their testimonies.

It was during this camp that our David turned 17! Time flies—he continues to be involved with what we are doing in Romania, while also training hard and desiring to play basketball for the ‘A’ league.

Father’s House Camp

It brought together all our families as well as youth from the Blaj orphanage, for a time of rest, prayer, relaxation, fellowship, and amazing worship in the “tent of the meeting.” It was a time of deep impact in the hearts of our teenagers. We were provoked into considering another youth camp towards the end of the year.

Due to donations received while in Canada, we were able to invite youth from Blaj to join us for both the Discipleship and the Father’s House camps! It was a time great spiritual impact—a big thank you to all those who blessed these young people with such opportunities!

The Discipleship School

An intensive 3-week spiritual boot camp. Each day would start at 6 am with physical exercises, followed by Bible reading, meditation, and 6 hours of intense teaching—coupled with opportunities to serve and evangelize in the community. The program was offered by our German missionary friends and we were part of the teaching and ministry team.

Support for the people of Ukraine

Understanding the need and Pastor Serghei’s desire to organize a camp for Ukrainian children with PTSD, we were able to support them with financial resources and pay a visit during the event. God moved during this camp and young people were baptized in both water and the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was on that occasion that we met Pastor Ivan (John) from the city of Nikolaev. Heavily bombarded, the city is without water and gas. His church invites people in—to cook and shower. However, they also lack resources. Thanks to the generosity of our Canadian donors, we were able to purchase a generator and a boiler for the “Life of Christ” church in Nikolaev.

Praying and hoping for a ceasefire, we would like to go visit this church in the near future. They promised us pictures after Ivan gets back and installs the equipment.

Upcoming events and prayer requests

On this year’s calendar: Father’s House meetings and youth camp (Sep-Dec); Restart youth ministry in Blaj (Sep); Marriage retreat (Oct); Personal healing retreat (Nov); School of Inner-healing ministry (Nov/Dec); planting a home-church in Medias (before year-end).

Gathering food supplies and organizing food storage in anticipation of a difficult winter, is another project that requires our attention.

We have families no longer able to pay their electricity/gas bills and have been disconnected from such basic needs. The prices went up by 700% compared to 2020. A very difficult winter has been forecast given the draft, compromised harvest, gas/electricity crisis in Europe, and the next-door war situation. Please keep the people of Romania in your prayers!

Kindly continue to pray for our family as the Lord leads. Each one of our children in Canada, as well as our parents, is going through a difficult season and it’s very hard to watch from a distance.

There is a great need for physical healing and spiritual direction. We’ve been through many moments of inner conflict and discouragement, but believe that your prayers have kept us afloat and will continue to bring comfort and clarity.

Your support blesses us, encourages us, and keeps us involved in Romania.

Only God can repay your generosity and sacrificial love, while we have to remain faithful and represent you well. We all know that none of these lives could have been touched without your support.

Just an example: Ionela is one of the girls from Blaj, with nobody in this world to call “family.” She was abandoned at birth and moved through different institutions.

She locked all her emotions, pain, and disappointments deep inside her heart. During the first discipleship camp, she learned about Jesus who came to heal the brokenhearted.

During the Father’s House camp, she was loved, hugged, and encouraged by many of our mothers, and made some real believing friends. Her restoration has begun. She is one of the many whose lives are being touched because of your support.

May God bless you abundantly with a great Romanian harvest!

Chris & Alinda