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A picture update June 2023

We continue to send food and supplies to Ukraine—helping as many as we can. We are truly grateful and we need you!

How can I help with the Ukraine Refugee Crisis?

We Have front-line workers in Romania right now!

Join ACOP Global Harvest Helps and our Global Workers in Romania to be the hands and feet of Jesus…

Let’s work together to supply their needs!

Update From Chris & Alinda—October 25th

We prepared another transport for Ukraine to leave with Pastor Serghei. It will go to the region of Charkiv that is greatly damaged. We were able to send food and a generator. Thank you!

Update From Chris & Alinda—June 15th

It’s been a while since our last update, as we are navigating through a very busy and somewhat difficult season, but I want to share with you a God story and a brief update, in order to encourage all of you:

We are actively involved with the Ukrainian refugee crisis and partnered with an organization that offered their transportation vans—we fill those vans with food, medication, and other needed items, bringing them to our Ukrainian counterparts. They, then divide the food into small ratios and distribute it further into the war-torn areas of Ukraine.

We’ve been doing that for a while, as well as covering the expenses of one Ukrainian family living in a rented apartment in the city of Alba Iulia.

However, we were recently connected with another local organization in need of help and Chris went to evaluate the situation. He met Serghei (pictured to the left), a Ukrainian pastor traveling between Ukraine and Romania. He brings refugees to Romania, mainly single mothers and children, and goes back with as much food as he can.

He has a church in the city of Kakhovka with about 20 members left in attendance. Serghei is doing street evangelism and helping as many people as possible with food supplies brought from Romania. The result? Hundreds of people are now running towards his church to learn more about God, the power of the cross, and eternal life in Jesus Christ. The church is so packed that the original members are now sitting on the podium while the newcomers are filling even the corridors in between the seats!

Learning about Serghei’s story, Chris took Serghei to an en-gross store, having RON 10,000 available for all the purchases. Serghei and his team were so excited and filled up their carts with hundreds of items, canned and dry foods, thinking of all the people who will be blessed in Ukraine. The cashier began to scan the and 3/4 of the way through the items the RON 10,000 limit was reached.

A very embarrassed and sad Serghei apologized for the inconvenience and wanted to return the surplus items back to the shelf. But Chris had boldness from the Lord to continue with the entire purchase—he knew that we have a rich Father! When all the items were finally scanned, the cashier noticed an “apply discount” button that flashed on the screen, something she’s never seen before. She clicked the button and the final total was RON 9999,69.  Isn’t our God so amazing?

And we just received great news from the ACOP Global Harvest Directors, letting us know that there are still funds available to assist with the refugee crisis, so we will see more of Serghei and hopefully be able to share more God stories with our partners!

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Update From Chris & Alinda—May 4th

The last three photos (above) are new; watch this video of thanks from one of the Pastors helping those in Ukraine!

Update From Chris & Alinda—April 13th

The support coming through ACOP for the Ukrainian refugees has been overwhelming!

We continue to join efforts with a local ministry that has the vans and volunteer drivers in order to send weekly supplies to Ukraine (Vans for Delivery—pictured). Each transport takes hundreds (more like thousands) of canned foods and dry foods such as powdered milk, beans, rice, oil, sugar, flour, snacks, sweets, as well as personal hygiene items and baby products (mainly diapers) into Zaporoje to be taken further into the red zones.

We no longer count them, as they go out weekly. The last transport was able to take fresh fruits as well. 250 loaves of bread were purchased with your donations and distributed to the people of Ukraine.

There are many pictures and video materials available, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information. Kindly send this update to all your friends who might have donated because of you spreading the news!

With your generous donations, we were able to sponsor a meal for the Ukrainian refugees (see picture).

We are continuing to cover the needs of a family in an apartment, and remain available to host and care for more families if needed.

The group of almost 40 refugees brought by our vans to Alba Iulia has been spread throughout various locations and has been found different sponsors for their daily needs.

The Romanian government is now facilitating the paperwork, together with access to jobs, schools, and social aid—which allows us to focus mainly on large quantities of food for Ukraine.

I know that everyone has a heart for the people of Ukraine and we can see first-hand the devastation and loss this war has caused. We talk to people who lost everything in the blink of an eye. The family we look after is from the Donbas region and they share disturbing stories—so we do all that we can to maximize the impact of your support—but this is a season to also remember the abandoned children of Romania.

Passover is a difficult season for those who don’t have families or are away from their families, same as all the other special celebrations of the year. We can talk about that because we experience it. God is leading us to spend Easter Sunday with the youth from the orphanage in Blaj. The plan is to take them to our church in Alba Iulia and to offer them a festive meal. Diana, who is home alone with her baby, will be included. We would like to get some chocolates for them, too.

Warnings of a big famine are coming from all directions and we see the shelves staying empty for a longer period of time. Praying for wisdom and support in order to store some food for the poor in our communities. Most of Romania celebrates Easter on April 24, with the orthodox church, so we have one more weekend to serve ahead of us. From Friday to Sunday there is a personal healing retreat being offered and it is full. Prayers are appreciated.

Please know that you make a community of faith we love, rely on, and are so grateful for. We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a special Easter celebration filled with the Light of the World, the Joy unspeakable, and the Peace that surpasses all understanding! Knowing that Jesus has overcome, that God is on the Throne, and that the Holy Spirit walks with us…gives us the courage and determination to stand…and we pray that over each one of you.

May God abundantly bless you and pour His love over you! We love you, too!

P.S. We just received news from one of the pastors in Ukraine that people are coming to Jesus in large numbers. Praise God for taking the crooked path of the enemy and making it straight!  

Chris & Alinda Rusu

Update—March 23rd

War—any war, changes the face of the world and the hearts of people, turning things dark. Every veteran will tell you that war is not something anyone should ever want to see, but with current technology, we notice how each passing day reveals more vivid scenes of carnage emerging from Ukraine.

We see hunger, death, despair, split families, crying women, and disoriented children—that’s the cruel reality. We thought that the first wave of refugees was ‘it,’ now we realize that the first wave was just the beginning of a tsunami of desperate people running for their lives. The UN reports that over 3.2 million people have already fled Ukraine.

There are many organizations joining efforts and we work in partnership with such brave, dedicated people. The main focus is to bring supplies as deep as possible into Ukraine. The latest images received from Harkov show how thousands of people are lining up for food in the morning, surrounded by the deep sound of bombardments. (Last 9 pictures)

As the food situation is getting worse, we are participating in a third convoy taking food into Zaporojie. The pastor and his team at the receiving end will make smaller packages to be distributed to other cities as well. If the first convoy was about sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothes, and food. The second one was about medical supplies, the third one is now loaded with bulk non-perishable foods. Thanks to your donations we are now sending hundreds of kilograms of rice, pasta, sugar, dry soups, pasta sauce, canned foods, and biscuits to Ukraine. 

The first two convoys brought about 40 refugees to the city of Alba Iulia and we are assisting with their basic needs. Communication is very difficult, as they only speak their language. Ivan is one of the boys in the group, very saddened and confused by the whole situation—asking his mother what could I do to brighten his days, she said “puzzle” and look what a couple of puzzle boxes did for him! 

Ivan’s grandmother just arrived and the family was miraculously reunited, as the elderly are the last priority boarding on refugee trains. Some refugees have medical needs, some others have little children in diapers and we try to cover such needs as they arise. Next Sunday they will be offered a hot meal at the church in Alba Iulia and we are sponsoring the meal. A translation system via headsets was procured by the church in order to make the service available in their language and no effort is spared to make them feel welcomed!

In a very dynamic context, we pray that God will lead us to invest where needs are the greatest, in order to make a meaningful difference, according to His plan.

Update from Chris & Alinda

Dear Friends and Partners,

We were amazed by the generous financial response coming from “ACOP Global Harvest Helps European Refugee Crisis” project—supporting the work that we do in Romania.

As a result, we were able to participate in a first convoy taking many needed supplies to churches in Cernauti, Ukraine. Your contribution sent hundreds of sleeping bags, blankets, liters of oil, milk, diapers, etc across the border.

A second convoy will leave on Thursday, taking mostly medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine, as well as food and other items to Romanian churches welcoming refugees at the border—stores are running empty in that area.

Ukrainian hospitals are in great need of IV components, KI tablets, and insulin, plus basic medication and first-aid supplies. We are currently working with local pharmacies to gather as many supplies as possible. 

Most of the refugees need only temporary accommodation, as they are trying to reach places in Europe where they have friends or relatives.

They are helped at the border, provided with a place to sleep, warm food, and then taken by volunteers to larger cities in Romania, to train stations or airports. Tickets are usually covered by local charities as well. 

The situation is more difficult in Ukraine, for those leaving by foot or waiting in their cars for days at the border. Most cars are running out of gas, it is extremely cold, people can’t sleep (afraid that they could lose their spot in the line). There is much hysteria at the border as men are separated from their wives and children.

There are also sad stories about those allowed to cross only after paying a certain amount of euros to the Ukrainian customs. A few families are hosted in the city of Alba Iulia and we are responsible to look after the mothers and children in one apartment (to cover up the food, the bills, and other living expenses). One of the mothers cries all the time. She was separated from her husband at the border and keeps saying that the only reason she wants to live another day is due to the gentle and generous care received in Romania.

Our boys are involved in helping with supplies, loading, unloading, driving around, joining convoys…and our hearts are always on high alert. 

Romania was just threatened by Russia with war, as Ukrainian airplanes were allowed to land on our territory. The president declared a state of military emergency.

How to Pray

Lord, today we cry out to You to do what only You can. We pray for…

  • The protection of the people of Ukraine. Please watch over and guard them with Your peace, provision, and endurance
  • The oppressor’s plans to be compromised and frustrated. We ask that the plans for evil will fail, for unexpected complications, and for the miraculous to assist in what is righteous
  • For world leaders who are making consequential decisions—may Your wisdom, courage, and Godly counsel be their guide
  • For those in the military—we pray that You protect them, comfort their families, and give victory to those standing for what You value
  • For courage and supernatural safety for Christians and Christian workers. Lord, bring revival and glory to Your name in the midst of persecution
  • We ask You, Almighty Father, Prince of peace, to bring peace in the Ukraine and the world. May conflict end, may violence cease, and may hearts be turned to You and find salvation
  • Those bringing help and relief to refugees so traumatized by the war.  ACOP Global Harvest has Global Workers Chris and Alinda Rusu on the frontlines working from Romania to assist with this need right now.
  • Pray for wisdom to help where it is most needed
  • Pray for favor to find needed supplies
  • Pray for protection over every person joining these humanitarian convoys going to Ukraine and a safe return back in the country
  • Pray for protection over all of us—and the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Pray for direction, so we know how to serve and how to get involved—how to spend our time and resources so we have most impact

How can I help with the Ukraine Refugee Crisis?

We Have front-line workers in Romania right now!

Join ACOP Global Harvest Helps and our Global Workers in Romania to be the hands and feet of Jesus…

Let’s work together to supply their needs!

Chris & Alinda Rusu