In Global Reports

Greetings to you once again from Malawi!

 I am glad to share with you the news that the Lord continues to do a great work in the hearts of the people as we minister the word of God.

We went to a village three hours from here and we found the people happy to hear the Gospel. They came and sat down ready to hear—a great hunger for the Word of God, thank the Lord. And we planted a church a few months ago!

I preached on why we are saved—a message to the saints. After preaching 26 people gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time! It was glorious to behold and see—the name of the Lord be blessed forever.

I was happy to lead the people in prayer. There was a man there who got saved way back in the late 1950s, he told me that missionaries went to the village and preached Christ—he is still following the Lord. I did allow him to stand and share his testimony about how he got saved and how he has followed the Lord all these years—a great encouragement to the younger generation.

Please keep this village in prayer—the door is wide open to preach Christ there.

We will return in the near future to see how the saints are doing. They don’t have a church building yet, but they meet under the trees. They told me that next year, Lord willing, they will build a church.

God bless you and keep us in prayer. And thank you again for your love and prayers—we do appreciate you so much.

In His  care and  Service,

Bro  Stephen, Malawi

Jesus  Is  Lord.