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I love finding a Christmas orange in the toe of my stocking, being surrounded by family and friends, twinkle lights, and re-reading the Christmas story in the Bible.

What Christmas treat would you like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning?

I would love to find my family in there but I don’t think they would fit so we’ll go with a Reese O’Henry chocolate bar, or any chocolate really.

Christmas usually involves good food! Tell us about a shared meal with someone…

Meals with locals often involve sitting on a mat on the floor and sharing a massive biryani platter. Everyone eats off the same platter with their hands. It’s a messy and delicious time of connection!

What is the ugliest Christmas ornament you’ve ever seen?

My family has a rather controversial string of plastic M&M’s, it’s always up for debate whether or not it goes on the tree.

Can you tell us about something that brings you HOPE?

The fact that God is a relational God who sticks like glue. He pursues, protects, and provides, and is literally all I need—whether I realize it all the time or not.

How do you keep Christ in Christmas?

Every year my family reads and acts out the Christmas story every year. We have had some interesting baby Jesus’ over the years but we never fail to marvel at the ultimate reason behind Christmas.

Why was baby Jesus called Saviour? (Luke 2:11)

To save is what Jesus was sent here for. While others saw a baby, God saw a Saviour. God looks beyond what others see to who He has called them to be.

What is your Christmas miracle?

God has given me an incredible house!!

Thinking back over the year, what has been the stand-out Word from God that keeps showing up in your life?

Child-like. Child-like faith, child-like dependency, child-like trust. My go-to question right now is what would Jesus and a three-year-old do? I like to imagine they would have an incredible, laughter-filled time doing whatever the Father asks of them.

Is there someone that you would like us to pray for over Christmas?

My language teacher and another woman around my age—that they hear and accept the truth of the gospel.