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What Christmas treat would you like to find in your stocking on Christmas morning?

Something simple and sweet! Maybe a chocolate orange or hard cookies like Grandma used to make.

Our son is probably hoping for toy cars, balls, and band-aids (as he pretends to doctor every wound and scratch!)

Christmas usually involves good food! Tell us about a shared meal with someone…

We enjoy sharing many meals with friends around us.

During our last local holiday, we enjoyed partaking in a bustling family get-together, where men and women sat in different rooms eating food from dishes as we sat around the carpet, desperately trying to understand as our friends flipped back and forth between languages and conversations.

What is the ugliest Christmas ornament you’ve ever seen?

Probably a huge glittering ball or star from Wal-Mart.

Can you tell us about something that brings you HOPE?

Something that brings us constant hope is the incredible MERCY of God. I was struck again this morning about how His mercy is so far-reaching.

Nothing about life was “fair” for Jesus. He was given all the heartache and pain of humanity, and He died, willingly, for a people who don’t deserve it. Yet He, in His mercy, keeps pouring His love out on us!

How do you keep Christ in Christmas?

We love to give and find ways to bless people around us. It is a beautiful season to talk of Jesus, and it also allows us to meet the needs of those around us.

Why was baby Jesus called Saviour? (Luke 2:11)

Jesus has so many names, and each one holds such deep, profound truth.

The name “Saviour” holds such richness because it defines my identity as ‘saved’! He, in love, saved, saves, and continues to save me. And He wishes to do it for each person around me.

Thinking back over the year, what has been the stand-out Word from God that keeps showing up in your life?

This year has been a busy one, with language studies and moving. The one thing Jesus has highlighted to us is to keep our focus on Him. If we are only allowed one priority, it should be to know Christ. He will take care of the rest!

Is there someone that you would like us to pray for over Christmas?

Please pray that we will have opportunities to share about Jesus with people who are at our language level.

Final thoughts…

Merry Christmas—dear friends!

We miss home a lot during this season, as Christmas is not celebrated here. However, we feel incredibly privileged to serve Jesus abroad and are humbled by your prayers and support. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are grateful for all you do on the ground back home!

Enjoy some bacon for us, sing Christmas carols in the mall, and make a snow angel for me (Sarah).

Merry Christmas!

Alex & Sarah