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We always have much to be thankful for, but in this season, we are bursting with the goodness of God and can see His hand so clearly!

After more than a year and a half, we finally have a place to call home once again. We have moved into our own home and are so blessed with what the Lord has provided for us. We have plenty of room for welcoming others into our home and even an outside area for the kids to play. We have been able to fully unpack and even hang pictures on the walls this week. What a blessing to feel settled once again! We are looking forward to meeting new neighbours and developing deep relationships with those around us.

Please PRAY for great connections as we make ourselves known in this new community.

In even more exciting news, our closest local friends from our last country are seeing God move mightily in their area. They are forming a partnership with a church from across the country, and are in the application process to become pastors! We have seen them grow tremendously over the past few years and are so excited about their deepened faith and level of spiritual maturity. With no local church in their area and only one recognized church in the 14 provinces surrounding them, they are longing for a local fellowship where they can have a more formal gathering for the ones they have been discipling and the many that are curious.

Just last week, they were able to baptize their first disciple! They have been walking a faith journey with this lady for the past year and she finally came to the decision to fully commit her life to Jesus.

We are sharing in their joy and rejoicing from afar, knowing that our prayers and tilling the soil have not been in vain. While it has not happened in our timing or in the way we had planned, we are seeing local believers being raised up to reach their own people and it is beautiful!

As we pour into a new land and people group, our faith has been strengthened, knowing that God works in mysterious ways and that often, fruit takes a long time!

We look forward to all He has for us here as we begin pouring ourselves out once again.

Thank you for continuing in this journey with us, to see the unreached reached and discipled to reach their own people group for Jesus. To Him be the glory!

Tom & Jenni