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Greetings to everyone in the precious name of Jesus! May our Lord and Saviour be your source of peace, joy, and hope—always!

We would like to thank each one of you who has sown into the ministry here in Ecuador. May you reap bountifully both now, and in the life to come! We could never do what we are doing without your help.


Four years ago, a broken and distraught young man named Hilario, climbed to the top of a high building. He was on the verge of jumping to his death when he heard a voice say: “Don’t jump, look for a church where you can be guided and helped.”

A few days later, Hilario walked into our service. He asked for prayer. He told us that he had left his wife and family for another woman and had been living a sinful life, and asked us if we thought that there was any hope for him—if God could possibly forgive him…

Of course, Jesus set him free! He was set free from a life of sin and alcohol, and God restored his marriage!

Hilario is an excellent builder, and he became the construction supervisor for building the facilities for our children’s ministry and church.

This past September, Hilario invited us to take part in his daughter’s wedding in his hometown. We ended up driving eight hours to a small village high up in the mountains—where it is very cold. We had the opportunity to share the gospel both in a tent meeting and at the wedding held in their local church, with many non-believers in attendance. Let’s pray that the seed sown will bring forth much fruit.


Praise the Lord—we now have our property totally enclosed with fencing! The children can safely play outside. Thank you for praying!


The neighbour (former owner) is now bringing a lawsuit against the municipality and our church. She is stating that part of the property that she sold us, was an inheritance, and that, according to some by-laws, the municipality had no legal grounds to give us a building permit.

Please pray that, once again, the Lord gives us victory.

We love you, we pray for you and we bless you. Thank you for your support!

Norvil & Letty