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“Our eyes have seen your salvation which you’ve prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.”

Luke 2:30-32

In August, the Simply Mobilizing team in France asked me to take on the role of National Coordinator.

I accepted.

When we canceled the autumn Kairos Course in Quebec City for lack of a venue to hold it, I knew I was supposed to go on a 3-week fact-finding and door-knocking trip to France.

When I met with Michel, Regional Director of the National Evangelical Council of France, he told me that the federation’s focus over the next couple of years will be “fostering missional churches.”

I showed him, Interface—a program created specifically to help pastors catalyze missional church cultures. Missional churches are disciples who make disciples of their neighbours, and the world’s unreached people groups as their job until Jesus returns. Michel invited Simply Mobilizing France to join the CNEF as soon as possible so that Interface could be adopted and disseminated.

The CNEF wants us to bring our programs to their 2700 churches, 31 church fellowships, and 170 Christian organizations!

A few days later, I met with a leader of the French Assemblies of God, Jean-Emmanuel. He told me that they had missionary candidates several years ago but had lacked the funds to send them. Today they have funds, but no longer have missionary candidates. Their need corresponds perfectly with the Kairos Course’s purpose of mobilizing prayer, resources, and people for the world’s 7000 unreached people groups!

As a result, the French Assemblies of God have invited me (and the SM France team) to their annual conference in March of 2023 to present Simply Mobilizing programs to the 700 churches that will be represented.

In November, Bruce teamed up with three other Canadians to lead the first French Kairos Course for Haitian immigrants and refugees in the Dominican Republic. We were hosted generously by the Korean missionaries who run the YWAM campus. 26 men and women took part in the program! May the Lord use these sweet people to help bring transformation in their own country and take the Good News to the ends of the earth.


Natassia and Luke continue to lead a growing discipleship group and preach in their home church. Father gave them a very joyful little boy! He provided a new job for Luke as a middle school teacher and helped them sell their house. They’re listening to Him for direction in the future.


We’ve disbanded our house group because the Father is leading us forward:

  • One person is in Eston College, being equipped for a life of serving God
  • One person is at university in Montreal, growing stronger in the Lord and seeking His specific plans for her life
  • One person is completing his English teaching degree and will be relocating this summer to work among the Pashtun, Afghanistan’s largest ethnic group and a very unreached group
  • I (and at times, Lauren) am travelling a lot more for ministry

Bruce & Lauren