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As I walked home along a rough dirt and rock road this morning, I passed a couple of women sitting out in front of their home working as they chatted.

One had a leafy veggie in hand as another bent over a pot.  A man was reclining in the doorway listening in. I greeted them, as I often do when I happen by their home, and was invited in for tea. I wasn’t able to join them on this day, but I was reminded of the reason I’m here. That happens quite a bit—but it hit me a little differently…

Strangers invite me into their homes. Here, it doesn’t matter if I can’t understand everything they say. What matters is my willingness to sit with them, the power of presence. I feel like Jesus often went and sat because he understood that this life we live is about God and people. We get the chance to share and show Jesus when we invest in people, even if it’s just by showing up and not saying anything. And I, for one, am looking forward to sitting with my neighbours soon, as I build relationships while showing Jesus (Prayer Point 1).

On a different note, I have started my teacher’s training. Last week, I observed a couple of fellow teachers. This past week, I began teaching portions of each lesson. Next week, I will be teaching the entire class every day. A significant amount of my time is now dedicated to teaching English along with continuing my own language lessons. I’m in the process of figuring out how to continue connecting with the women I’ve been building relationships with and sharing Jesus within this busy season (Prayer Point 2). 

Time continues to fly by. In some ways, it seems like I haven’t been here very long. In other ways, it feels like it’s been years. I have been here in East Africa for nine months as of this month and life continues to surprise me and, somehow, get busier. As Ramadan approaches, I am excited about opportunities to be invited into locals’ homes and break the fast with them. A couple of friends have already mentioned having me over sometime during the month-long time of fasting. I’m excited for the chance to connect with not only them but also their families (Prayer Point 3).

Thank you all for walking alongside me in this journey! I am constantly blown away by the team (all of you) that God has placed in my life and that we get the honour of reaching this part of the world together.

Praise Points:

  1. I have a connection to pursue with my neighbours
  2. We have another brother
  3. I got a car—helping me immensely

Prayer Points:

  1. Connections with my neighbours
  2. Figuring out how to connect with others in the midst of the business of life
  3. Ramadan connections and opportunities
  4. The brothers and their families

Reaching the nations together!