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God is indeed moving all over the world!

When 500 women from the Karen tribe in Thailand, met for three days in a remote village on the mountain, God showed up! He always meets the humble and the hungry! When these shy women opened their hearts to Him, He flooded in with His love and power. Bodies were instantly healed and I know healings manifested for others afterward. Hope was restored to broken and crushed hearts as they flocked forward for prayer. Depression lifted. Joy returned! The Holy Spirit was poured out!

What a privilege to minister to my Karen sisters, along with Allan and Siriton Bay, Elna Martell, and the Karen leadership team. Much prayer and preparation had gone into the event and God rewarded with His beautiful presence.  

It had been three years since the last camp and everyone was ready! I came away very encouraged by the spiritual growth and freedom that these women were now walking in.  The worship team was full of joy and life where once they were stoic statues. Women responded openly to the ministry times, confessing, repenting, and weeping their way to Jesus.

And back in the local “Shining Light” church in Chiang Mai—passion for God and His presence is growing! I see SUCH a change in the last three years! The Bays are reaping the fruit of years of faithful labor in a difficult country. Praise God! They are on the edge of a great move of God!

I love God appointments! My seatmate on my first flight home, was from Taiwan, spoke pretty good English, and asked me just the right question!! He told me he was in Chiang Mai opening up his new business.

“Oh, how exciting! What business is it?”  

“A marijuana store. Do you smoke weed?”  

Of course, Jesus was all over the conversation, and when I asked if I could pray for him and his family, he was delighted! He said, “Wait until I turn on my video to record the prayer. I want to be able to listen to it again and again.” PRAISE GOD!!  God had Song’s name and his seat number, and put me right beside him!! GET HIM LORD!! SO MUCH FUN!  

I also met a family of three from Edmonton and was able to pray with the grandmother. She was suffering from a rare schizophrenic condition which the doctors were treating with a street drug!! As she shared the events of her youth, it was obvious this had a spiritual root to it. She was not a believer but was happy for me to pray for her. When I finished her whole body had stopped shaking and contorting, and she was able to walk easily! I KNOW Jesus set her free and she will soon realize that! GET THE WHOLE FAMILY LORD!

Jet lag was very brutal during my time there, but praise God it seems much better on the return home. I hate to admit it, but the older I get, the harder it is to handle. Back to a lot of office work and prep for my next assignment. I have two more women’s ministry events coming up,  plus I am speaking at the Refresh weekend in Eston in April. COME HOLY SPIRIT! WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR ELSIE WELCH, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! MOVE IN POWER!

Thank you, dear friends and partners, for your continued prayers.  God certainly answered in Thailand!  May He flood your hearts, your homes, and your churches with His powerful presence.




P.S. While in Thailand, speaking at the Karen women’s camp, our translator, Deborah did something that really honoured the women.

She heard about 100 women who had never had a birthday cake, had never been wished Happy Birthday, or had the song sung in their honour. She baked and decorated cakes, cut them up into individual portions, added a candle, and that night 100 women, received their “cake,” were sung happy birthday, and lined up to receive big warm hugs! These women knew they were VALUED, hearts were healed and joy covered their faces! HOW HEARTWARMING IS THAT!!!