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Today we want to say a big thank you—we, and the people we minister to, are enriched because of your prayer support. God bless you.   

This month, we feature our Bible School teaching and training ministry which was key for 10 years when we lived in Puebla and this ministry continues to require a lot of time, talent, perseverance, and dedication. The Puebla Logos Bible Institute is accredited with the Logos Christian University in Florida and they grant our students their Bachelor’s degrees. Ruth´s brother, David, and a national team in Puebla look after the administration and in-person classes.   

We come alongside the national church and Bible School team to provide mentoring, training, and theological and practical ministry courses via the Internet. 

Pictured here is a screenshot of the hybrid online course with 10 students, some at the Puebla Campus, and others connecting remotely. The emphasis in my teaching this trimester is: Worship, How to Study and Understand the Bible, and The Tabernacle in the Wilderness. 

In addition to the Bible School ministry, we continue with the Radio Evangelism and Outreach ministry, Theological Discussion Groups, and with the preparation of Bible materials in printed and digital forms as well as audio and videos targeting Christian growth, service, and outreach. 

We bow our heads in prayer for you and to give thanks for the way the Lord is guiding, directing, and blessing our lives and ministry to help evangelize and train Spanish-speaking people primarily in Mexico right from our ministry base here in Canada. 

With thanks,

Gerald & Ruth