In Global Reports

Let us go back and visit the believers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing.

Acts 15:36

Thank you for praying for us and sending us to Malawi – where we formerly served. Jerry had not been back in 17 years! What a sweet reunion it was with people we dearly love! (Please click the video update at the end!)

The Holy Spirit is at work and revival has broken out! We found packed-out churches full of people hungry for God everywhere we ministered. The Lord healed and restored as we prayed for people alongside the national leaders.

What were we doing in Malawi?

  • Ministering in local churches.
  • Meeting with national leaders.
  • Visiting church plants and seeing where ACOP Global Harvest Builds has helped roof churches. To date, 53 new church plants have received tin sheets to roof churches they built with their resources. Each roof costs between $250 and $1500.
  • Visiting feeding centers for vulnerable children—there are 18 ACOP feeding centers dotted throughout the country, providing meals for hungry children.

Cyclone Freddy Devastates Malawi

Malawi is hungry – really hungry. Many people are down to one meal a day. In addition to this crisis, they were hit by Cyclone Freddy which washed away homes, crops, and villages. Lives were lost. In areas unaffected by the cyclone, ACOP of Malawi, despite their own great need, is responding by sending clothing and supplies. ACOP of Zambia is sending blankets. ACOP Global Harvest has also sent aid that will be arriving this weekend in Southern Malawi!

Please pray for Malawi as they rebuild their lives and villages.

Until All Know Him,

Jerry & Brenda