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Or as the notice came through—”Your application has been concluded negatively.”

The denial of visas is a common occurrence at this time with an overabundance of refugees entering the country, as well as upcoming elections.

This means we are out of the country for 90 days, continuing language learning, and researching the most effective form of reapplication in 3 months’ time.  

We are currently staying on a small island just outside the country. We look forward to meeting fellow workers here on the Island and joining the Kingdom work that is being done. Father God knows what He is doing and our work is to walk with Him. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.  

There is purpose in all the ways He leads. Pray for specific direction, ears to hear, and peace while we wait.

We continue to pray for our neighbourhood—even though we are not there in person. Wendell had made several connections with the men and enjoyed many visits over tea. There are also acquaintances at the vegetable stand, the bakery, and other shops. We are grateful for a welcoming and friendly neighbourhood and look forward to our return to continued relationships!

Pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to those we have met in our neighbourhood.

A few days before flying to this little island, Wendell woke up to a dream of a strong, powerful right arm. It was like the muscle-filled arm of a giant. He knew it was Father God. Wendell reached out and wrapped his arms around God’s large arm. It seemed like a juvenile image as he recalled it but after all, “I am His child”…  

A few minutes later, a devotional directed Wendell to Psalm 89, verse 13, “Powerful is Your arm! Strong is Your hand!”  Things are going to be Ok. More than OK!

“God doesn’t work for me. I work for Him. He doesn’t show up on my timing. He shows up on His. And there’s something powerful about yielding to the sovereignty of God, knowing that His Goodness will more than make up for anything that I am in that is so confusing and doesn’t seem to be headed in any kind of redemptive direction…”


Wendell & Maureen