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“Be enthusiastic to serve the Lord, keeping your pasion toward Him boiling hot! Radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit and let Him fill you with excitement as you serve Him.”

Romans 12:11

Spring is here! The blossoms are everywhere and it is beautiful! God’s creation is so wonderful to see in each new season.

We were able to be in Canada for December and so we were also able to celebrate ringing in the new year there with some family and new friends. We had a wonderful time seeing our children and grandchildren and our families as well. This visit was so long overdue.  K was so happy to be able to see her siblings and all the other family as well. This was her favorite part of our time there.

We were able to go to two churches and give an update as to what the work here is like and how we have been doing these past 3 1/2 years. It was great to be able to reconnect with friends and to meet new friends as well. We were so blessed!

We had good weather most of the trip except for when it hit -35 degrees and then drove through a snow storm…we were so thankful for the Father’s traveling mercies over us.

Apartment update

We found an apartment in the complex where we are currently living! Yay!! The Lord provided! It’s a fun God story! He is SO good! We moved on April 3rd. Thank you for your prayers!🙏❤

Earthquake update

We are hearing more and more awesome stories of what God is doing in the people’s hearts—when they see foreign people coming and helping in their time of need, that just messes with their minds. Some of their local leaders are no longer helping but the church is stepping up. That testimony is speaking loud—the time is right for the Harvest!

Aide for the fall

K will be going into grade 5 this coming fall. She needs a trained aide in order for us to be able to stay at the school. The school will try to accommodate this but this is a real challenge as not many people are too eager to come to the Middle East. If we do not get an aide, then we will have to leave the field here and return to Canada.

Canada in June

We will be coming to Canada in June and will be sharing at several churches. Please pray for safe travels for us, for this time to go smoothly, and for the energy to do this.

We will also be spending time with our children, grandchildren, and our families. Please pray for this time as well.

We are blessed to be able to be here in the Middle East and to serve these beautiful people. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! We are praying for you also.

Blessings you all,

Ron & Veronica