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Happy Spring! These last few weeks have been very full as we were in the season of Ramadan. Our month was full of opportunities, new friendships, hosting meals, and planning English classes. Here’s a recap of some highlights:

Because our English centre has classes in the evening, we were closed for the month of Ramadan as people are breaking fast at that time and our classes would have been empty! Instead, we ran two-morning classes every week as a way to engage with our students while providing them an opportunity to continue improving their English.

Our family was in charge of these extra classes this year and we had a great time putting together activities every week and wrapping it up with a celebration at the end which, to everyone’s delight, included prizes for all who participated. We were given a blank slate as to how these classes should go which was a lot of fun, but it was also challenging to come up with engaging activities for students of every level, from (very) beginner to advanced. The students rose to the challenge every class and it was a great opportunity to connect with everyone who attended.

Last year for Ramadan, we had just arrived in our new country, and we were just starting full-time language classes and didn’t know any locals.

We said to each other, “We’re too new here to connect this Ramadan, but let’s make sure to be ready for it next year!”

Well, here we are a year later, and over the last 30 days, we were able to break-fast with 35 local friends of a different language, culture, and religion. Many of them were in our home multiple times and it has been a wonderful season of building bridges, deepening relationships, and having spiritual discussions. We have been able to pray with many of these people, discuss opinions of faith, and for many, simply begin a new friendship.

Please continue to pray for us as we engage with so many people and for all those we are now connected with! It has been an exciting season and we look forward to all the new doors that are open in front of us. Please pray for wisdom as we decide how and with whom to spend our time.

Together for the harvest,

Tom & Jenni