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While I came to this little island not knowing what was ahead, I have been surprised at how much it has boosted my language learning and grown my heart for the people in the Middle East. After my visa was denied I was at a loss for how I would be able to stay in the country.

I wanted to have steps in line and for them to make sense.

I felt Jesus was asking me to take the step in front of me, not to wait until the next 10 were lined up. I had to trust Him with the unknowns. He has used my “weak” yes to show Himself faithful.

My team members who also faced visa rejections—received me here. I’ve been taking language lessons from a lady who is big on getting us to speak alongside learning grammar. This has served my language growth immensely, giving me the confidence to speak while I’m learning and setting a pace for the learning ahead. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting other workers from the surrounding nations and some local believers at prayer meetings and church gatherings. 

There are old church ruins and old monasteries all over this island, and the history here is long and in parts rich—Paul and Barnabas visit in Acts 13. This land has been fought over many times and in recent history has suffered much loss and remains divided. As the gospel goes forth on this side of the island, it is those from across the sea who are working or studying here that are becoming believers!

The steps in front of me

I’m going back for 2 weeks—I have some days left on my temporary visa I can use to join a short-term team from Canada. We’ll spend a few days in the big city and then go help in the earthquake zone for a week. Then I will come back to the island again for two weeks to allow space for my temporary visa to reset. 

Once it resets I can be in the country for 3 months. This will give me time to see if long-term visas start opening up or if I need to try as a university student to be able to stay.

Prayer Points:

The People Affected by the Earthquakes

Many are still hurting from the quakes, as well as in fear of others happening. Pray that they would know Him and His peace that passes all understanding. 

Open Doors Ahead

For a visa and other workers who are navigating the same.


For the gospel to spread and transform lives. New believers to grow as those planted in good soil by streams of water. 

Language & Culture

Continued grace to learn the language, adapt to the culture, and adjust to these changes.

Friends and family, I’m so thankful for your support and your prayers!
God has been faithful each step of the way and will only continue to be.