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From Ottawa to Iqaluit to Pangnirtung, Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet back to Iqaluit, up to Igloolik, and home, your prayers were felt!

The mountains of Pond Inlet are majestic. But the fellowship with Christians at the Anglican church was even more incredible. All the Christians here believe in Pentecost because the Anglican priest is Spirit-filled. Most of the Christians of Pond Inlet have received this experience and witnessed miracles. The power of the Holy Spirit and freedom to worship, pray and prophecy was amazing.

Please have a look at this 6-minute account of the outpourings (click the link) of the Holy Spirit, filmed in 1996 and 1999.

Pictured: Pond Inlet, Nunavut, is renowned for its scenery. Located at the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage on the Eclipse Sound, overlooking Bylot Island, it is surrounded by mountains.

Joshua Arreak, seen in the video above, recalled with tears, “Many from around the world heard of this and called us to ask what the formula was.” He responded, “There is no formula for God to supernaturally visit, except perhaps, humbleness.”

With no rooms available in town, Lionel and I squeezed into a small room in Hannah’s house. A single mom with three children, Hannah has been hurt in life through abuse, divorce, and her parents’ deaths. Hannah opened up as Lionel and I showed her and her children God’s unconditional love—day by day. That included going to see Hannah’s sons play hockey.

God’s love in action always opens closed hearts! Acts 16:14

Pictured: Joshua Arreak, the Mayor of Pond Inlet and Assistant Pastor of
the Full Gospel Church in Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

Psalms 107:1

Lionel Batke (82) and I had good health and anointing for ministry. We felt supported in prayer daily. The Holy Spirit prepared hearts and led us into what He had already been doing in five church communities. We had 3 – 4 services in each place and shared the preaching and altar ministry. We were delighted to watch the Lord do His loving work!

  • Many were delivered from fear, anger, and shame—especially some young men—I often think,  this is true suicide prevention,
  • Several in each hamlet were filled with the Holy Spirit and prayed in other tongues
  • Three came to the full assurance of salvation
  • Young couples holding hands, praying for each other and their children

Other than one bad weather delay and missing one flight we clearly saw God use these delays for His glory, and we never missed a scheduled stop.

Pictured: Gary and Lionel Batke in front of the Anglican Church; Pond Inlet

More than 200 people from more than 16 Nunavik and Nunavut communities gathered for five days at the Iqaluit Bible Conference. Inuit pastors spoke along with Pastors Ben Johnston from Montreal, Quebec, and John Irving from Aurora, Ontario. Lionel and I had an opportunity to relax and be refreshed before we joined them to minister at the altar.

There was incredible joy and laughter as many were healed from their wounds of the past. As is often the case after a time of groaning and weeping, the conference was filled with spontaneous, joyful dancing.

On one day of the conference, there was sustained worship that seemed to shake the room. We were privileged to see real inner healing for the people at the conference.

Pictured: At the Iqaluit Bible Conference, Pastor Peter Awa preached for an hour sitting, then his 3 grandchildren came to hold his arms and hold the mic as he prayed for us all. It was very powerful.

Igloo simply means house of snow, skins, or sod. A settlement of the Dorsett and Thule peoples, Igloolik dates back to Bible times. Situated on an island not far from the Northwest Passage, Igloolik is the flattest non-picturesque hamlet in the north. In contrast to the land and weather, the people of Igloolik are very warm-hearted.

Lots of youth and young families attended the services in Igloolik. Some were filled with the Spirit while others were set free from condemning spirits most with tears of sorrow then joy. Some said they had not seen men this open before. Praise God!

Pictured: In Igloolik, a dozen men came when I announced a men’s only meeting. I was reminded that Jesus used 12 men to change the world.

Pray for:

  • Tommy (66), from Nunavik, fell and broke his wrist and required surgery and now a lot of physiotherapy. Please pray for healing,
  • Joseph (67), from Burkina Faso, has health complications that are being assessed by doctors. Please pray for his healing.
  • Please pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the communities we visited.
  • A fresh, powerful anointing of wisdom and discernment.

Gary & Shelly