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Our goal is to provide longer-term relief to those desperately affected by the earthquake on February 6, 2023.  ACOP global workers on the ground are working toward meeting the ongoing needs of these beautiful people. 

Our team is also partnering with other ministries in Türkiye that are providing relief and aid to people in the region. Please consider partnering with them as they reach out in the name of Jesus.

Thank you again so much for all your prayer and financial support! We couldn’t be doing what we’re doing without you!

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”—Psalms 34:18

Nine days after the horrific earthquake in Turkey and Syria, a handful of people are still being rescued from the rubble.  Over 41,000 people have lost their lives.

Millions of people are in need of humanitarian aid after losing loved ones, homes, jobs, and cities.

As our hearts break for the people in these nations, let’s pray together that the Lord will minister His peace, comfort, and hope.

We thank the Lord that ACOP Global Harvest has a large team of permanent workers on the ground in 4 cities there for such a time as this.


  1. $126,988 has been donated to ACOP Global Harvest Helps to assist in this crisis! Thank you for giving generously to this need!  If you haven’t given yet, and are able to, please do so. The needs are overwhelming.
    • Donations are being forwarded to members of the team according to the needs they are able to meet and their ability to access supplies.  Our objective is to help our team be most effective in their work.
  2. A donation was received yesterday from another ACOP-affiliated nation that received help years ago when they too were devastated by an earthquake. What a blessing!
  3. Most ACOP Global Workers residing in the region know the language, culture, and the country. God is using them to be His hands and feet!
    • They were ready to respond immediately to house people in their homes, travel to affected areas—help and bring people out, purchase supplies, distribute aid, serve hot food, etc.
    • They have purchased:
      • Food, water, baby formula
      • Toiletries
      • Diapers
      • Blankets, pillows
      • Tents to house families
      • Tarps
      • Cooking equipment
      • Clothing and shoes
      • Toys for surviving children
      • Power banks
      • Medical Supplies

Please continue to uphold Turkey, Syria, and ACOP Global Harvest workers who live there in prayer as they respond to this crisis.

Global Harvest Missions Directors—Jerry & Brenda

Your generosity is needed!

It’s a helpless feeling to watch so many in these two nations suffer. Please consider donating—click the button below.

Your donation will directly help our team members to: 

  • Purchase needed supplies for survivors (blankets, diapers, food, water, power banks, sanitary supplies, tents, etc).
  • Pay for vehicle expenses to take supplies into the earthquake zone—and help evacuate people.
  • Assist approved agencies on the front lines looking for and treating survivors.

Please note: ACOP Global Harvest Helps assists worldwide Partners to provide crisis relief where needed most. During this time of crisis we have lowered our administration fee from 11% to 7%.  Any surplus donations will go toward similar emergency relief efforts where we are assisting. God Bless.

March 16, 2023

The area that was affected by the earthquake has been experiencing heavy rains—many of those cities are now flooding.

So many people are living in tents—everything is becoming wet, and has once again become an unlivable situation.

Several of our friends and teammates are currently down in the area and trying to figure out solutions to raise people’s living spaces out of the water.

Please pray:

  • for the flooding to stop
  • for wisdom and solutions for those living in tents
  • for hope, endurance, and a path to restoration for those facing such challenges, loss, and pain.

Older Updates…

Hope is Fading.

A team update. Each team member is continually receiving requests from multiple, reputable, Turkish organizations who are calling out for aid. Some of the team is on the ground in the affected area witnessing the devastation firsthand and helping take in supplies. Other team members are gathering and providing supplies to be sent into the area. Water, food, warm blankets and clothing are being purchased for the many who are living on the streets in -16° weather! There’s a need for fuel so that these people can be evacuated out of danger. There are willing drivers with their vehicles but no money for fuel.

Two of our team members have gone in to rescue and evacuate immediate family members. They were able to reach them and share the experience of sleeping with them in a factory before departing the next morning.

Team members are willing to open their homes to host these people who have lost everything.

It sounds dramatic to say that ‘hope is fading’ but the drama is real. Turkish deaths are now beyond 20,000 with experts anticipating that the final number will be 8x that! No one wants to believe that such a number is possible. A veteran relief worker says, “I’ve never seen anything like it. These are the worst things I’ve ever witnessed.” Soon a decision will be made to abandon rescue and focus strictly on the survivors and recovery of bodies. Such an emotional time.

Thank you for giving and encouraging others to give.


It has been 48 hours now since a devastating earthquake tore apart southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. At this time—11,000 are confirmed dead. It takes little foresight to know that this number will certainly increase. The earthquakes of February 6 will likely prove to be one the most devastating in this region’s recorded history.

The destruction is overwhelming and the winter conditions are harsh for those who survived. Aid is beginning to arrive but thousands are out in the cold with few supplies. In all, ten Turkish provinces, each with a significantly populated city, were heavily damaged. Entire neighborhoods of apartment blocks are now rubble. The circumstances in Syria are the same.

Please call out to our Father God! There is still time to rescue those under their broken buildings. Pray that their cries will be heard and rescues made! These next 48 hours are just as important as the first 48. You see it on your news feed, people are pulled out alive! Please pray.

It is a helpless feeling to watch so many in these two nations suffer. Please consider donating using the link provided—and feel free to share the link with anyone who would like to help. God Bless.