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Hello Friends and Family, 

I had such an amazing time during my Canada trip. It was so great to connect with so many of you—and meet new friends as well! 

After so many years away from Canada, it was great to be back. Besides, missing family and friends I missed the beauty of Canada, the friendliness of the people, and of course Tim Hortons. ☕

This trip made me so excited for the day that Roni and I are able to visit together. Hopefully, that day will be sooner than later—I’ll be thrilled for him to meet each of you and see our culture and the beauty that Canada has to offer. 

It is a huge relief that Roni finished his military service. And we are so thankful for the friendships that he made during his time there. He is still in communication with the friends he made there, and they hope to meet up in the near future. Although, this time was incredibly hard on him the opportunities he had to share Christ were incredible! He really felt your prayers in the midst of the hard times. Thank you again for praying! 

Shortly after being reunited, we were able to take a couple of days off. We traveled to a province neither of us had ever been to. It is along the coast. We rested and spent time together intentionally before going back to regular life—Roni’s full-time job and meeting together with family, friends, and those we are discipling.

We are excited to spend time with a newly married couple who do not yet know the Lord. Our dear friends have been sharing with them for months and recently brought them to church. They loved their experience there—engaging in worship and having a good experience. The husband has been to church before, but I believe it was his wife’s first time attending a church service.

Before coming here, I often wondered what life was like overseas…

How would my life look no longer living in Canada? The one thing I have found throughout the years of living here is the relationships you build. Either reaching nonbelievers through relationship or discipling those that have been believers for many years. If someone is willing to grow and mature in the Lord, it is a beautiful and humble experience to be part of.

So much of our life here is precisely that— building relationships!

Please pray for our new friends that we are just starting to build a relationship with. Pray that they would continue building strong relationships with other believers and that their hearts would long to know Jesus. 

Roni’s family spent a few weeks away visiting relatives in a village—allowing his dad to go into the earthquake zone and volunteer. Though they have returned, his dad has many trips planned going back into the affected areas. 

Please continue to pray for the family, this has been a very difficult season for them. Pray that the work that needs to be done on their house can be done soon. This will allow them to return to their home and continue the ministry they had to leave by moving here. Experiencing such a devastating natural disaster is hard enough for an adult to process, let alone a child. Roni’s little siblings did not only lose relatives in these earthquakes but also friends. Pray that they will feel the Lord’s presence so near them during this time of grieving. 

Thank you so much for praying! We greatly appreciate it! 

This has been a very hard season for many locals—we are experiencing 176% inflation here, affecting everyone who lives in the country. Whenever I meet with other foreign friends this is a topic that seems to come up, knowing that this is greatly affecting our local family and friends. We often see refugees beg on the streets but lately, we are seeing locals beg as well. Just yesterday as Roni and I were walking to the grocery store we passed by a young woman who was selling Kleenex as a way to make a little bit of money. It is so heartbreaking to be seeing this more and more. Many people are trying to leave the country to create a life for themselves elsewhere. We are hearing people say that there is no future for them or for their children here. 

Please pray for the locals as they grieve for their country and future here. Pray that they would come to know their Savior and be able to put their hope in Him. 

Pray also for us here on the field who are living among the locals who are hopeless and depressed. This country has recently gone through so many losses and we feel the heaviness of it all.

As always we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to write back. Let us know how we can be praying for you. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We love that we have people all over the world who partner with us and the work that the Lord does here. Thank you again! 

Much Love,

Roni & Sue