In Global Stories

The language of love here is time. Time sitting on the floor eating a meal with friends, time asking each other questions, the sharing going deeper with each conversation. Time spent playing games or sitting in comfortable silence, content to be together.

We’ve continued to pour into relationships and what a blessing it is to be loved by so many! We make it a high priority to open our home and have it be a place of peace and blessing. We’ve noticed a significant deepening of relationships as people become more comfortable around us. We have also started getting invitations back and have spent time in local homes lately.

We’ve been able to connect to a few people more closely and as we’ve poured into them, they are responding in kind. Tom gives rides to students every day, allowing for uninterrupted connection for the whole car ride. I’ve been able to start meeting with a lady who is seeking, picking her up from work once a week and spending time reading the Word, discovering together what God has to say. Continuing to invite people into our home, we are able to feed both body and spirit as we pour into those who come. What a privilege!

We count ourselves abundantly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people here. We are also so grateful for the love we feel from all over the world. Prayer and financial partners, people checking in to see how we’re doing, and the care and concern we feel from so many. Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we love those God has placed in front of us. We wouldn’t be here without the army that sends us!

Pictured: Tom is teaching every night and we recently had his class over for lunch and games. It was a great afternoon of connection!

With Love,

Tom & Jenni