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Sometimes I feel like I’m playing Where’s Waldo, but it’s just me trying to remember what country I’m in and when I was last in the other. Since March, I’ve been back and forth between the country and the island—balancing the days I get on my temporary visa.

My time on the island has left me growing in language learning and encouraged by what God is doing!

There are workers who have been here 10/15+ years saying they’re beginning to see the harvest they’ve been praying for. In the time I’ve spent on the island I’ve attended a baptism, met several new believers, and met a handful of visitors to church for the first time.

During the two weeks in May that I spent in the Middle East I was with a short-term team from Canada. For part of the trip, we broke into smaller groups and disturbed bags of goods to smaller towns affected by the earthquake.

It was quite sobering to witness some of the destruction and hear the stories of pain and loss. In one of the houses we visited, there was a woman with a new baby and another who was pregnant. The pregnant woman was afraid about giving birth and the other woman had given birth in a vehicle during or around the time of the earthquakes! We got to pray for both of these women. While we met and visited many people, a common thread—lack of hope.

A highlight for me during this trip was seeing how other workers (who have the language) talked with people and shared with them in conversation. It was a refreshing reminder of why I am spending so much time learning the language, people encountering Him makes it all worth it. 

I have a temporary visa to spend time in the Middle East attending a language school 5 days a week until the end of June. 

And I’m currently deciding between two options for the next steps.

One is to stay here, in the Middle East, applying for residence by attending a university. This would provide a year of language school before I attend classes. The other is to return to the island and do language learning there, while also being a part of the ministry that is happening. I am excited by either option, as both have great potential for language learning and who I can share Him with. I’m hoping to decide by the end of July. 

Prayer Points

Hope to Rise Up

For Him to continue to lift the veil across the country and show He is the way, sparking hope in the hearts of young and old. May the lack of hope lead to hope in the Saviour.

There are many still living with the reality of much loss from the earthquakes. May they find peace and strength in Him (Matt. 5:4).

Believers on the Island

Most of the students who are new believers have returned to the Mainland for the summer. Pray for their growth with Him during this time to increase and for their witness to bear fruit.

Language & Culture

I’m on the path of language, but much lies ahead for me to learn. May it come quickly and with joy.

Next Steps

Discernment about which path to take moving forward.

I can’t say thank you enough for your prayers and support.

There are still more who have yet to come to know Him, and we’re a part of it. What a joy the feast of the Lamb is going to be!