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Things have changed here in a short time, but God is good and has had a hand in it all. 🙌

I left T. a few days ago and headed to the island.

It is strategic for the next 6-12 months to be here with some new team members starting in this region. As I left a few days ago, I found out there were some factors that would’ve affected my student visa application, I was possibly spared a costly curve ball and a likely rejection down the road. 🙏 This has made me more confident of His leading and guiding, even when it becomes clearer afterward.

I’m excited for the opportunities here and seeking God on what will come after.

For this next season, I will continue language learning, being a part of a house church, helping run an English club, participating in prayer meetings, and possibly looking into other nearby nations with our team.

My heart for the unreached has only grown during this time. They are still the ones I want to connect with here. When I’ve shared with people, a common response has been, “I need to do some research.” They have no reference for what we’re sharing. They haven’t gone to a summer camp or a VBS as a kid. They haven’t had a classmate or coworker who was a believer. Their grandma hasn’t been telling them about Him or praying for them (to Him).

🗣️ People just haven’t heard of Him and it’s sobering every time.

This island pulls people from unreached nations here for university, giving us great opportunities in English while still in our language-learning phase. 

I feel like God is going to use this “re-routing” time for His good, more than He already has. And while there’s been an aspect to plans changing and visa rejections that’s been frustrating and disappointing, I’m finding my trust in Him growing and all the ups and downs being worth it. He’s always at work.

Also, I’m keeping in touch with K, but my friend will invite, and go with her to church now. This works out well because her language is farther along—able to discuss things.

If you have any questions feel free to write me—use the contact form by clicking on my name below. 🤳

Thank you for being a part of this with me. ❤️

With more emojis, love, and faith in the mountain mover,