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Judgment Day is a pretty important concept in Islam, but Muslims are terrified because their consciences accuse them and they don’t see how they can measure up.

In contrast, the apostles wrote about “speeding up” the coming of the last day and cried out “Come, Lord!”

The other day I (Alex) was talking about current world events with my language teacher and mentioned in passing how it is prophesied that one day the Messiah will bring peace to the entire earth. Looking thoughtful she said, “Yes, you guys look forward to God’s judgment and the Messiah’s return, but we fear it. And that’s a big difference!” I couldn’t believe my ears. The conversation continued about how not even our good works are truly righteous in God’s sight. We are so privileged to be able to look forward to meeting God and being in his presence one day!

Please pray for the people we interact with to receive revelation about sin, righteousness, and judgment from the Holy Spirit, and to look forward to encountering God rather than hiding from Him.

For several months after the earthquake, we volunteered with a local church to hand out food packages to earthquake victims. Inflation, along with the earthquake, has thrust about a third of the people here beneath the poverty line. One in three don’t have enough food to feed their family. We notice fewer people buying produce at the local market and simply living on a diet of bread, or starch. Please pray for us to have wisdom in how to bless people while still allowing them their honor, something that is crucial in this culture.

The believer who was living with us moved out in June after university exams finished. We still have communication with her, and pray for more depth in her faith and relationship with Jesus.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Until All Know Him

Alex & Sarah