In Global Stories

A couple of years ago, when I was in the Middle East, my friend, Josh and I met for coffee. Josh and I went on summer missions together, we were at retreats together—we grew up together.

Because of our history, we have many shared stories, we went back and forth about Jesus and what he’s done! The stories of God moving through us as teenagers and as young adults—you can’t help but be fired up, and your heart says “Do it again, Jesus!” Your faith rises up!

With our faith stirred up, it didn’t take a lot for us to go—God has already given us permission to go. We went down by the water, finding a group of teens rollerblading and I with my not-so-great language skills began speaking to this group. But Josh, in the nicest Josh way said “Be quiet, Brian, and let me do the talking!” Together we spoke and Josh translated for me.

We asked this group if they had any pain and needed healing, and began to pray for healing, and before we knew it the group grew from 6 to 15. Knees and ankles were healed, backs were healed, and 5-6 of these guys were healed! And for the next 30 minutes, we shared the Gospel telling the same stories that had previously fueled our faith as we had coffee together.

For the first time, these rollerbladers heard the love that Jesus has for them!

What I love about that story is knowing that God has already given us permission to go! Jesus has sent us to the lost—all of us can reach someone today. The Gospel is powerful and you don’t need permission to share it.

This past summer I was travelling around to different camps and different churches, preaching and raising support. Thank you to everyone who is supporting me! It’s an honour to have everyone along with me for the ride. My hope is to be in the Middle East by the end of September or mid-October at the latest.

Thank you—I can’t do this without your prayer support,