In Global Stories

This past month I went with 3 other friends to the Black Sea region for a vision trip, known to be very conservative and nationalistic. (And also out-of-this-world beautiful!)

The place was amazing, the people were so kind—one guy on the street we asked directions from took out his phone and called his friend to find out which bus we should take. One city is where all the tea in the country is grown, it’s hard to describe the picture this creates with the sea and then mountains of tea plantations (the greenery and ocean reminded me of Canada! 😉

The area is very unreached—we got to visit a house church of 15 people—the only church in the city and one of two in the whole region of 2.5 million people. The other church is similarly sized.

In this area there are ancient abandoned churches everywhere, this is the area Priscila and Aquila were from in the Book of Acts.

We went to a monastery in the mountains (see pictures below) that was built in 300 AD!! Such precious spiritual inheritance in the region—praying for God to resurrect.

What’s God been saying?

I started a daily (micro) journal! I’m just answering a few simple questions each day:

  • What Have I Done Today?
  • What Gifts From God Am I Thankful For Today?
  • When Did I Feel Closest To God Today?
  • When Did I Feel Farthest From God Today?
  • In Light Of The Above, What Would God Like Me To Do Tomorrow?

The idea is to notice how God is involved in my everyday life—noticing moments of His closeness and feelings of distance and then making changes as a result.

If you’d like to join me in journaling, let me know! I’d love more accountability! I’m already finding a few friends to start up this practice with together!

I painted a little painting on my Sabbath after a long while of no art. It’s called “Embraced”—meditating on the embrace of the Father.


Where have you felt God’s closeness this past week? What were you doing, and what changes can you make to facilitate more of this awareness? Where have you felt distance with God? How can you come in a spirit of repentance and ask Him to increase your awareness of Him in those situations in the future?

Prayer Points

  • I’ve been feeling very tired often these days. I’m taking time to rest, but also praying for more strength and energy.
  • I’ll be meeting my mom in Europe! Pray for a good time together and for good weather (it’s supposed to rain for a few days of the trip).
  • Pray for my Language learning—I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube this week for listening practice, and am surprised that I am understanding more and more. Still praying for more confidence in speaking, especially when I’m tired.
  • Pray for deeper friendships to journey alongside.
  • I’m continuing to spend time in prayer, and I can see it opening conversations with people around—very thankful! Pray for grace to continue in this.

Experiencing Jesus in all His excellent beauty,