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I can’t believe that it is nearing the end of the year, and before we know it, a new one will begin!

As I write to you this month, I’m enjoying sipping on some imported tea by candlelight on this gray cloudy day. I hope you enjoy reading what the Lord has done in and through us this last month. We would love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life too! Don’t be shy—we love hearing from you and are so blessed to have each of you in our lives. 

This last month we have received several emails regarding Roni’s visa application. We feel so seen by Jesus in this process and trust that His hand is on this application, we are waiting for more emails telling us what our next steps will be. 

Please pray for us as we wait for the rest of the steps of this visa to be completed.

We spent some time in the big city where Roni was able to meet up with some of his friends from his military service. Especially reconnecting with his closest friend. During their service together this guy would bring up conversations that would lead to Jesus. Roni said they had an amazing time together and the conversation was led to Jesus once again. They spent some time discussing “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open to you.”—Matthew 7:7 

During Roni’s time in the military, he knew that the Lord was drawing this man to Himself. The Lord is continuing to do so. Please pray with us that this man will continue to ask questions and be able to encounter God for himself one day.

Another friend from the military was a guy who seemed to be going through withdrawals. After some time this guy became more himself and they enjoyed their time together. He is also a musician so they have something in common—on this last visit, it was clear that this guy struggles with addiction. 

Please pray for this guy that he would be free from addictions and that he would come to know the truth.

The English Speaking Club I volunteer at has allowed me to build relationships with the women who attend. Many people here have experienced trauma in their childhoods and that follows them into their adult years as well. I have loved getting to know these women more and being able to spend time together is one of my favorite parts of the week. 

Please pray that my relationship with these women will grow deeper. Pray that the Lord would give me the words to say and when to say them. 

I have just celebrated seven years in this country!

I am so blessed that the Lord has made a way for me to stay here. Although, each year feels like such an accomplishment I am constantly reminded of how much more there is to learn. Many more words to learn in this language, and so much culture that still makes no sense to me, and maybe never will—ha!

There is an attitude of always learning in my friends who have been here way longer than I have. Part of me thinks how are you still learning more words or the proper context to say things after twenty years? Then they kindly remind me that life on the field means you never stop learning. And how right they are! 

Here’s to year seven! As always I celebrated with my tradition of having a coffee. 😁

We are so incredibly blessed by each of you! Thank you for taking the time to read how the Lord is moving here in the Middle East. We would love to hear from you too! 

Much Love,

Roni & Sue