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In preparing to come, the Holy Spirit gave us 3 different words:

✔️ “Go Together”

✔️ “Spearhead Something New”

✔️ “Take as many as you can with you”

Go Together

A team member who came just ahead of us was rejected for the language learning visa, so we felt, it was unlikely that our original plan to apply for a language learning Visa would succeed. We felt that when we land, we land in the same place as other team members—an island unrecognized by the world where all the words we’ve received from the Holy Spirit have intersected! We’re right where we need to be—and now, we’ve been here for about a month.

Spearhead Something New

This island is new ground for Global Harvest. Before we left, as we were visiting churches, a man whom we’d never met, prophesied this word to us again. It was a confirmation of the first word that I had received two years prior! So, here we are spearheading something new!

Take as many as you can with you

With our team of six that is here on the island, we’ll be launching a 12-week internship for students who would like to find out what it is to be a Global Worker. To come alongside us in the field, live with us, and do the work with us.

No one feels at home here

Before landing here, it was easy to think that this part of the island is an extension of the mainland, but it’s very much its own nation with its own identity. The people who seem like they would belong were shuffled up north (during the division of the island) from the south part of the island, so they no longer consider themselves “at home.”

There are several British expats, many refugees, and about 30% of the population is university students. Universities here do not fall under the same regulations and standards that are recognized by the rest of the world so these schools offer a cheaper and more diverse education for students.

This part of the island also seems to be a haven for illegal activity, as it is unrecognized by the world.

We’re here for a reason

We have 3 ministry ventures on the go! We have rented a place to live that is big enough to host a church gathering, which at the moment is our team and 2 university students. We participate in an English Speaking Club where students come to practice their English and we play games and converse. And the third initiative is the Internship that we will launch in the spring (as above).

Cool side note, I (Brooke) had a dream that there was a room with a fireplace in the corner. Which is crazy because who would want a fireplace in this heat? But, when we rented this place the fireplace in my dream was in the same corner.

Our residency application is in, and we are looking for a language tutor. We’ll put up flyers (which is the way things are done here) because we’re hoping for 5 days of language learning a week.

We’d like to remind you to pray for the war in the Middle East. Prayer can bring relief, and whatever role the Father has for us to play in it, we will be obedient.

We are so thankful for all of you—thanks for your support in prayer!

Joey & Brooke