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Greetings, friends and family

We recognize that it has been several months since we sent out an update on our work here. While many things have stayed the same, there have been a few changes, as well as several things we are looking forward to in the upcoming months.

We are continuing to push into learning the language and culture around us. While Alex has a solid grasp of the language, Sarah is still taking extra time to catch up from when she had less time to give to language learning.

Alex has started to delve more into exploring ministry options and pray about how to best reach locals in our communities. We have been blessed to attend several conferences with local and foreign believers, where they shared how God was moving throughout this beautiful country. We, ourselves, are asking how can we be a part of it.

While we certainly have been reaching out to those in our community (more on that below), we are praying about how to do so in a culturally relevant way, as the culture here is very different than Canadian culture! Please pray with us as we start taking further steps into ministry, and spend less time in the classroom.

In our home city, we are continuing to reach out to those around us. The English group we were a part of reached a point where it may have closed down, but Alex stepped up and has been co-leading with a local friend. We were able to have several friends from that group over to our home for a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving, taking time to discuss what we are thankful for in our lives.

We are continuing to pray for our neighbors, and continually have children in our yard, playing with “L” and talking with us. Praise God for all the work we have done with children in the past, as this has been a fun and easy way to get to know the neighborhood. Please pray that we will continue to have spiritual conversations with friends, tutors, and neighbours.

In the last several months, and in the upcoming month, Alex has been doing more traveling around the country, connecting with believers, and learning about how God is moving here.

Please pray that he would be able to connect with the right people and that God would speak to our hearts as to how He wants us to be involved. There are only 8400 known believers in a country of 80 million people, so we want to be wise as to how we spend our time, as opportunities are numerous.

Also, please pray for Sarah and “L”, as this means they have been on their own while Alex travels.

We are looking forward to visiting Canada in the New Year! We will be traveling through Canada from January through March, and are excited to spend time with friends and
family, as well as share what God is doing here. (We are also excited to eat bacon and sausage, but hey, that is secondary!)

If your church or small group would be open to us sharing with them, please let us know ASAP as we are currently planning our trip. Once again, we are incredibly grateful for all the prayers and support we receive from our larger family back home. Without you all backing us, we wouldn’t be able to be here!

Until All Know Him,

Alex & Sarah