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  • The regional pastors were able to “find” transportation to bring their leaders to the congress. 
  • The people arrived very weary but excited to be together again. Approximately 175 leaders were in attendance for the congress—more in the evening with local church attendance allowed.
  • Very few electric blackouts affected the congress!
  •  A strong anointing as we spoke on the theme of Making Disciples full of the Holy Spirit!
  • The praise and worship was powerful, creating the atmosphere for the prophetic to flow.
  • No one went away hungry—spiritually or physically! The Lord provided and moved with abundance.
  • The work on the Village of Hope in Cuba is advancing with excellence. It is indeed a place of restoration! 
  • I am not rotting in a jail somewhere in Cuba! 

On the way into the country, they pulled me out of line and “questioned” me as to the reason for my trip.  But on the way out, they were waiting for me and “grilled” me in a back room for at least 30 minutes. They had every country I’ve visited written down and informed me I have been to Cuba 31 times. Wow!

(And plus some more, before they got their computer systems installed—but they don’t need to know that!)  

I managed to “ski” around the direct questions insisting I was 77 years old and deserved a cheap warm holiday now and then. They were not happy with my answers but finally let me go. In the meantime, my teammate, Helen, was wondering “Where are you, Elsie?”

They definitely have me MARKED. This all means that I will need to apply for religious visas in the future. I always did pre-COVID, but since COVID-19, everything in Cuba is so broken that it didn’t seem to be a necessity. Applying for a religious visa is a 6-month, expensive, process but…whatever it takes to continue the work.

PRAISE THE LORD!  He healed bodies, renewed vision, set people free from strongholds, released new dreams, and encouraged everyone who attended the congress—INCLUDING PASTOR RAUL, HELEN, MART, AND MYSELF!

I just want to share Lilly’s testimony—she and her husband were divorced 2 years ago—after 30 years of marriage. 

He was not interested in serving God. But recently, the Holy Spirit started drawing him and he repented from his heart, was reconciled to Lilly, and they were married (again) in the church. 

Instead of going on a honeymoon, they went to the Village of Hope farm to live and work. They said, “There is an anointing of God on this place for restoration. In the two months of living and working here, we fell madly in love again with God and each other!”

God has GREAT things planned for Village of Hope, Cuba!

Words cannot express my gratitude for your faithfulness in prayer and giving to this ministry in Cuba! Because of your love, we are able to minister hope and strength to these key workers! Because of your love, they were left FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND FIRE! There is and will be much fruit laid up to your account!

May God bless you powerfully and may everything your hands touch prosper!