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We are so excited to share with you what the Lord has been doing!

We spent a few days in the earthquake zone—one of the main goals of this trip was to see how our team could best serve in this affected area. We were able to share meals and drink lots of coffee with the families we already knew.

I was happy to see businesses reopening, and container centers with markets and restaurants. However, there is still so much left to do—seeing it with my own eyes impacted me.

(Pictured here: numerous apartments are left destroyed; waiting to be taken down)

While we were there we experienced a 5.2 earthquake which was enough to have our container moving before it ended 10 seconds later.

In the affected areas they are continuing to experience earthquakes regularly. It was clear that those who have survived the major earthquakes are left with a ton of fear.

We talked with one foreign volunteer who said they have brought in teams of trained counsellors to meet with both the victims and volunteers. This requires coordination—as counsellors do not know the language and more volunteers are needed who already speak the language to help.  

Please pray that more counsellor teams travel to these regions and have the help they need to communicate.

We were able to stay with one of Roni’s childhood friends who is serving there. As we spent time together it became very clear that he and his wife are struggling. They are newlyweds who have spent the majority of their marriage living in a container doing intense ministry with no break since the earthquakes happened on February 6th. His wife follows our marriage account and we had an opportunity to share our heart behind it. Both Roni and I were able to see how the Lord is using us specifically with marriage since we started this marriage ministry online. 

Please pray that the Lord would encourage our friends and the many volunteers just like them who are serving in this zone. Pray for wisdom for leaders to see when their team needs a break to be refreshed. 

Our next trip was to a nearby country with several other teammates. Since it is getting more and more challenging to receive visas here it’s important as a team to see where we could expand to. We had an amazing time meeting with the locals in this nearby country and hearing so many amazing testimonies of how the Lord is moving there!

We were able to meet with a group who works in media—their videos are professional and short enough to capture people’s attention. Before they share videos they pray about which city and age group they want to reach. Then they put the video together based on that. The work is very specific and I believe this helps them see the fruit—we heard so many testimonies including whole families that are coming to faith!

There are not enough workers to meet with all the people who are new believers. They are using the same method that some workers here use, however, they are seeing more results. We were able to talk with the workers, and it gave us insight into some of the differences between our two countries. I think one of the major differences has to do with using this disciple-making method in relationship with the local church. Where we are, there is a big division between disciple-making in relationship with the church. Another difference is this movement is led by locals and not foreign workers. I believe that this would make it easier for a local to understand than if they were being discipled by a foreigner.

When people come to faith they are sharing the good news with others and begin to disciple people (right away). They are doing what they see modeled to them by their local brothers and sisters. It was so encouraging to see how the Lord is moving there. We want to stay in relationship with those we met and meet more of the team in the future. We left very encouraged and hope that one day we will see the Lord move here in similar ways. 

Please pray for the workers there to continue the work of the Lord. Pray for those of us who went on this trip that we would be able to learn from our brothers and sisters and have more wisdom for our ministries here. 

As always we would love to hear how the Lord has been moving in your own life,

Sue & Roni