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Greetings Everyone!

We wanted to send along a quick story…

We just completed a 2-month process to get our visa paperwork done and submitted! It could take up to 6 weeks to hear the result. So, we finally took a breath and paused, and our heart prayer was “Ok Lord, how can you use us now? We don’t want to sit around and wait.”

While at the market, I (Ron) ran into a couple who were speaking English, trying to figure things out. I came alongside them to see if I could help—turns out, she is a local who is studying for her masters degree, and the young man is from Europe, studying Religion (of all things). I get to share my testimony, and there are so many questions from them…

So, the young woman asks if it would be okay if we could take this to a coffee shop because there is so much more to discuss. It’s so much fun to see how God shows up when we say “yes,” and are seeking opportunity. We pray that the Holy Spirit moves upon them and their hungry hearts.

Thanks for praying for a brother who was in detention for 3 months—he was just released! But, again, God moves and works in all situations, and while in detention he and another believer lead 22 people to the Lord!

Ron was able to spend a week in the Eastern part of the country recently.

Our team worked on laying a foundation for a mini structure for a family. Currently, this family is living in a tent in their front yard and the mini structure is in the back yard. Their house is still on the yard but because of the large cracks in the house, they can’t live in it.

A mom, her sister, and her 3 children were more than happy to help however they could! Ron will be going to help build another structure and hopefully finish the previous one.

The roof that was delivered was the wrong size so they couldn’t get it finished. The family was so disappointed. We hope and pray that it will all come together soon for this family and also for the other family that is waiting for their “home” (mini structure) to be built for them.

**Please pray for the work that they will be doing and for these families. They are struggling because of the change of seasons now and the colder weather. They would like to be in a ‘home’ that they can stay warm and dry in.

pictured: a beautiful door on the mini structure for this family

We are blessed to have your support and prayer while we serve the Lord here. Please email us and let us know what God is doing where you are because your stories encourage us too—”iron sharpens iron.”


Ron & Veronica