In Global Stories

Alex has had the privilege of travelling with our team to a nearby nation. They spent a week meeting with local and foreign believers who are serving in media-initiated outreach and subsequent discipleship. There are a lot of similarities to where we are (linguistically and culturally) but also has a more dynamic and faster-growing church. Our team went to glean wisdom from the local Church and came away encouraged, and praying for greater growth within the Church here.

Alex also visited the first church in a nearby and very conservative province. He and a co-worker were able to meet with the pastor and his wife, as well as a couple of believers, to encourage and pray for them. They also met with several men who were curious about the Bible. Please pray that the Gospel takes deep root in this province where very few believers live and that the Church will be united.

While meeting with Pastor A. and his wife they shared why they chose to move to this province. They felt God calling them to bring together and shepherd the few believers spread throughout the city. They also shared their struggles with new believers not consistently being a part of the church, as well as their limited capacity to invest the time needed to build relationship with and disciple the new believers. Please pray that Pastor A. and his wife would have wisdom and grace in training others who can help them disciple the growing church they are shepherding.

We are visiting Canada! We will be traveling through Canada from January through March, and are excited to spend time with friends and family, as well as share what God is doing here. (We are also excited to eat bacon and sausage, but hey, that is secondary 😉)

We will be in Calgary in January and February, and in Saskatchewan/BC in March.

Thanks again to all who partner with us and regularly pray for us. We couldn’t do it without you!

Alex & Sarah