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There will be no more gloom for those who are in distress…

Peoples walking in darkness will see a great light. On those living in lands of deep darkness, a light will dawn.

Based on Isaiah 9:1-2

Hi everyone. What a year! With the exception of our extended summer wait for visas ⏰ has sure flown by. For you too?

And what turbulence all around the world these last 3 years have brought! My devotions over the last month + have been in Isaiah. So many parallels to our day: sin and idolatry, apostasy and false prophets, moral confusion and leadership breakdown, economic and climatic catastrophe, wars and rumours of wars, invasion by enemies, and exile into conditions we don’t like. Wow. And yet, in the midst of that, God’s promises of a Saviour and King, of forgiveness and healing, of restoration and joy. Of a holy government of One that would have no end. 

As I meditate, I think “How can we not sing for joy, rest in peace and quietness, worship in admiration, and work with expectancy in the projects of our King in these days?” 

We bought a car, opened a bank account, got phone plans, and completed our long-term visitor permits.

We facilitated an online Canadian Kairos Course. One bonus was that an experienced ACOP Global Worker was a participant!

Bruce preached in local churches!

We contacted mission organizations to introduce Simply Mobilizing France and explore partnerships.

We prepared newly translated tools for use. Editing materials, producing French graphics and PowerPoints.

We worked with Gary on the DKW Project. Our sister church in Burkina Faso is sending missionaries to three unreached ethnic groups in partnership with Canadian Funders.

We oversaw SM France’s membership in the CNEF. Any organization that plans to work with evangelical churches in France practically has to join the National Council of Evangelicals. We just got the news that we’ve been approved. Thanks for praying!

We were trained in new tools along with many other European mobilizers and then were able to strengthen the team and introduce them to these tools.

Upcoming in 2024

▪ Continue to preach in local churches.
▪ Meet Gary Langerud in Burkina Faso to encourage
pastors, debrief Burkinabé missionaries, and explore
strategies for unreached people groups. This will be
especially meaningful for Lauren as she’s not had a
chance to visit Burkina in almost 20 years!

▪ Help lead a Kairos Course near Lyon
▪ Lead at least one Unfinished Story course in local
churches near Lille.

▪ Help launch a Kairos Course in the Paris region.
▪ Lead our annual SM France team retreat.
▪ Present SM France at a French & Swiss missions

Throughout 2024:
▪ Introduce our vision and tools to denominational
▪ Build partnerships with mission agencies.
▪ Launch Interface, a workshop for pastors who want
to build missional church cultures.
▪ Launch Mobi 101—a program for those whom God is
calling to mobilize their churches & fellowships.
▪ Enlarge our SM France national coordination team.

May the Son of Isaiah 9 captivate your imagination and fill your home with His presence!

Bruce & Lauren