In Global Stories

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your faithful prayer support. As full-time Global Harvest Workers based in Canada, we serve people in Mexico and beyond.

We created a video, you can watch here, that describes how blessed we are to evangelize, disciple, and train Spanish-speaking people. We are so pleased to represent you and your vision to see people evangelized, taught, and trained for leadership.

“Thank you for giving to the Lord…”

The words of the song were written by Ray Boltz but express the message that we and others send to you today.

Thank you from Bible School students we teach and mentor in Mexico.

Thank you from the people we evangelize, teach, and train through the Radio in Puebla Mexico, and beyond through the Life Radio app on the Internet.

Thank you from the people who read and study the printed materials that reach Spanish speakers around the globe.

Thank you from the people who are ministered to by our telephone conversations, FaceTime, and chats.

Thank you from the people who listen to our podcasts and are trained by our videos on Youtube and other sites.

Thank you,

Gerald & Ruth