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Hello friends and family, 

There is something so refreshing about starting a new year. Last year was challenging—from the devastating earthquakes, Roni’s military service, and visa problems, to losing so many loved ones it was anything but easy. I recently read a post that was talking about the different years we face—some years are hard. But, others feel like one answered prayer after another! We are entering 2024 with hope and anticipation, trusting the Lord to answer some specific prayers.

As a team, we have provided container homes for families that are still in need. They are families we are building relationships with. We have another container that we will be providing in the coming weeks.

These dear families have been living in tents—with winter weather—this is the right time to move these families into a better place. All of the families we are currently helping are multi-generational including elderly and young children. They’ve been living in tents for the last 11 months.

As you can imagine, they are incredibly grateful to receive an insulated container home. Almost all of these families do not know the Lord. Every time our team does a trip it is another opportunity to be an example of Christ! Whether that is giving a prophetic word, praying for them, sharing the good news, or listening to the stories they have to share—all of it allows us to share more about the Lord. 

Please pray for our team members who will be on this next trip—we need wisdom to discern who needs our help and how to help in the best way.

Marriage Resources

We finished the Alpha Marriage Course—we were thrilled to hear that this is something our church saw a need for! We are continuing to hear of more and more divorces within our church community. It’s so heartbreaking and is very clear that there needs to be something in place to help and strengthen marriages.

Alpha Marriage Course was hosted online, which allowed people from all around the country to join. We had couples from every region in attendance, with requests from other couples asking to join, even after we had started. This was a seven-week course that covered a range of topics, like, the importance of apologizing and forgiving your spouse, the effect on family, how to love well and so much more. Many topics are not covered within this culture before or even after marriage. We were impressed by the wisdom of the leaders and how they taught with cultural sensitivity. We are seeing just how important speaking about how to have a healthy marriage is…

Recently, we were in a bookstore and wanted to see what marriage books are available in the language here. It was a very small section and we were shocked by the available books. Some of the books were titled “How to seduce someone”; “How to put a spell on someone to make them love you” and lastly “How to manipulate your spouse.” Now since we have been running our marriage Instagram page for a few months we are continuing to see the importance of the ministry we have started. We have loved being able to translate some great material, sharing it with those who are following, and receiving encouraging feedback. 

Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will help guide us in this ministry. We continue to pray that what we share can strengthen those who read our posts.

Speaking of marriage we have just celebrated our third wedding anniversary! We were able to take a short trip to a nearby country. It was so restful to wander around the old city, seeing the churches and hearing the church bells was music to our ears. 

Visa Update

Back in December, we received a letter from the Canadian visa officer stating that he wants to reject Roni’s visa but before he makes a final decision we can send in some extra statements and documents. We have hired a lawyer who has been helping us with sending in these extra documents. Though it requires work and energy, we’ve been grateful for the opportunity to send supporting documents without an outright rejection.

At the start of this month, we received an email titled “Pre-arrival to Canada” regarding Roni’s visa. Although this is great news we have yet to receive an approval letter or a passport request. After receiving the pre-arrival letter we were filled with a new hope of his visa being approved.

We have also just finished biometrics (photos & fingerprints.) This is another great sign as it indicates that we have provided the proper documents that met the concerns of the visa officer. 

Please pray with us that the Lord would grant us this visa and we would be able to come to Canada.

We are so incredibly blessed by each of you! Thank you for taking the time to read how the Lord is moving here in the Middle East.

We would love to hear from you too! 

Sue & Roni