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Sometimes walking by faith is not just difficult but seemingly impossible. Sometimes God asks for the small things but sometimes…He asks for the big things. Sometimes it’s a test to see where our hearts are at and sometimes it’s something He truly wants us to release or do.

I was at a friend’s house for the night when she declared that she was starving and was going to cook something. She walked to the kitchen and started pulling out various chicken parts (pictured here). I sat with her as she prepared chicken livers, gizzards, feet, and heads.

Now, we have been doing challenges to break me out of my comfort zone and get me more into the culture and she decided that then would be a perfect opportunity for a challenge. So, when the food was ready, a bowl with a single chicken foot and a gizzard was placed in front of me. The gizzard was chewed and swallowed with a minimal amount of gagging but the foot? Anytime I attempted to take a bite I felt like a baby was grabbing my tongue and I could not bring myself to bite all the way down. 

Though I wasn’t able to eat the foot, my friend was pleased I tried—and that I did eat the gizzard. I think God sometimes sits with us and is pleased that we stepped out in faith and tried. 

God has been challenging me in this area. Where is my faith?

Am I willing to walk out (by faith) what I believe God is asking of me? He gave me a really powerful word a few days ago the gist of which is—is He not big enough? Whatever we are facing whether it’s a chicken foot or a massive life change, is He not big enough to handle all the details and guide us through it? Is He not big enough to give us the strength and perseverance to bite off the chicken foot, to make the change?

On that note, I would like to let you know I have made plans to return to Canada in March, for at least a few months. In the meantime, I am praying into what God has for me after that but look forward to, hopefully, connecting with many of you and sharing what God is doing on this side of the world. 

Thank you for walking this journey with me. I appreciate all of you partnering with me and praying with me for this nation that so needs Jesus. 

Reaching the nations together!


Praise Points

  • New connections are being made with a student and her family
  • Deep connections with friends where I can share Jesus frequently
  • Health
  • A God who is good and loves unconditionally

Prayer Points

  • Clarity around God’s next steps after visiting Canada. What fresh things does he want me involved in? I want to love the past and present but be open to fresh adventures with Jesus.
  • Finish my initial stint well, before visiting Canada
  • More opportunities to share the Gospel
  • The brothers, the persecution they face, and their families