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We hope this newsletter finds you well! We spent Christmas and New Years in Japan where Taliya met Hugh’s grandparents for the very first time. All of us, including Hugh’s three siblings, spent a week in Tokyo, travelling around Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. And then, we spent the last week in Fukuoka where Hugh’s grandparents live. Travelling with the siblings was such a blessing, and it was a great trip to be able to have before our big move to the Middle East.

Since Hugh’s grandparents were not able to attend our wedding, we had traditional Japanese wedding photos taken in Fukuoka! It was a special moment for us to be able to share such an important part of our marriage with grandparents.

Speaking of marriage, we just celebrated our third wedding anniversary! We have been blessed with everyone who has been praying for us, supporting us, and loving us. Thank you for being in our lives, and we thank you for praying for us and our journey to move to the Middle East!

While we wait to move, we hosted our very first Connect Group night, meeting our group members for the first time. Half of the group are people we know and have been friends with already and the other half are people we have met for the first time. We are incredibly excited for this time to meet with people weekly to pray together, eat meals, share thoughts, dig deeper into the Word, and grow together.

This year, we are focused on our transition to move overseas—we plan to move within the next 6 months. We’ll be travelling around to churches and camps across Saskatchewan and Alberta to share our hearts for the Kingdom and invite people to support us. We would love to be able to speak at your church, so please contact us if we would be able to share with your community! We plan to host a big garage sale and do a “home cafe” fundraiser as well.

We want people to see and know the goodness of the Lord in the Middle East, and we believe that your prayers and support will make a world of difference.

“Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”

Psalm 105:1

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Hugh & Taliya