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Are you surviving the cold? I’m praying it gets warmer for you!

It does get cold here, but not to the same level as you. The difference is: that these buildings are not built for the cold, stone, with no insulation. I can’t handle the ‘humid’ cold and it gets super rainy, then for five days, it gets +15 – 20. Ha! We’re all suffering through winter here!

Thanks for praying for me, in my time here, my day has been scheduled around set times of prayer—developing my devotional life. I’ve realized that the ‘first work’ every day is being with Jesus and reading scripture. Laying my head against Jesus’ chest—it’s exactly what I need. It messes up the order of the day if we forget about the ‘first work’; everything else flows out of that time spent with Jesus.

👉 Our team will be super busy over the next few months, as we’re continuing to help people build crate houses. There’s so much work that still needs to be done!

👉 We’re going to Europe in March, to see how they are reaching the beautiful people of this land who have moved there.

👉 In the upcoming months, we have many who are coming to visit us and intern, and before we know it it will be Easter and summer camp!

👉 Please pray for good health, our trip to Europe, the earthquake zone, and that our visitors would see the heart of Christ for the lost.

👉 Our team has a monthly prayer time for the unreached, please join us in praying on the first Tuesday of every month! It’s a great way to pray together and see each other’s faces.

Pictured: the floor of a crate house being built

Quick Story

We were out getting supplies (for a crate house build), and here in the villages, they have these great pants, they look like MC Hammer pants, they look like: “can’t touch this!” So I said to my teammate—we need these.

As we were going about our errands we came across a tailor and popped in to ask if we could purchase these pants, or the fabric to make them.

This tailor makes suits so he did not have what we needed, but he asked, “What are you guys doing here? Where are you from?” My teammate explained that we’re from Canada and that we’re here building a house for a family who lost theirs in the earthquake. “Oh, I need a house, my family needs it desperately!” he said. He, unfortunately, is like so many people here. As we continue to talk to this tailor we find out that he has cancer on top of all his worries.

“There’s something about you guys, when you walked in I could see that you look different.” And we explained that we love Jesus—we’re here because Jesus loves this place.

And this man, like so many in this part of the world says, “I love Jesus.” I love Noah and Abraham, we love Mohammad, but man—we love Jesus!

So we share about who Jesus really is, not just a prophet or good man. Not just a teacher but the Saviour of the world. And we asked if we could pray for him, he said “yes,” so we prayed! All because we were looking for fabric for the MC Hammer pants.

If you came here you would see the same, it is simply because we’re out in this area, bumping into people who are open to prayer, and who need to hear the Gospel. Please join us in prayer for him, that he would know Jesus.

Hope you are well!