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In February, we were staying in a nearby province. Roni had some work he was doing and staying there made it easy to go into the earthquake zone too. Since the province we were staying in was very close to where Roni used to live (before moving), we made several trips to visit his friends and their families. Some of his friends know the Lord and some do not.

Upon arrival, Roni encouraged his friend who’s anger led to him needing surgery. Unfortunately, we see how young people struggle here and the hopelessness they walk in every day. So many people are risking their lives to leave this country in hopes of creating a life elsewhere. 

During our stay, we connected with friends of the family—they enjoyed spending time with us, and of course that included conversations over delicious food. A son, Roni’s friend, had stopped talking to his dad—even though they live under the same roof. The first evening we had a family supper, and it was the first time this friend started talking to his dad (again). This family, although they do not yet know the Lord, are kind towards one another.

A common cultural norm here is that women handle all cooking and cleaning. The meals are all homemade and there is always a dessert to go with tea afterwards. I was shocked when I heard the father ask if his wife needed any help, and waited for his wife to sit with us before we ate together. Although in so many aspects it feels like such a typical home how they treat one another is different from other local homes I have been in.

The father brought up another conversation asking if the Bible teaches us how to live. He then explained how he started attending a self-awareness course. This made me so thrilled to hear. I was not aware that such courses existed. The fact that they exist and that locals are partaking in these types of courses makes me hopeful that we will see encouraging changes within this country. I believe that as people begin to recognize their behaviors and actions it will change family systems for the better.

While we were away we joined the latest trip into the earthquake zone. Since Roni and I were unable to join the previous trips we had yet to meet the newest family our team is helping. This family has two daughters; one finishing high school and the other is preparing for university this coming fall.

She had planned to attend university before the earthquake happened but then decided to stay back and help her family during this difficult season. They are such a lovely family. They filled us with tea and coffee breaks and homemade desserts throughout the day. For me, it was so wonderful to connect with the mom and daughters. They are one of the sweetest families and it is such a privilege to help and serve them in this season. On a previous visit, a team member had left some books for the daughters to read sharing more about the Lord. They read these books completely—together as a family!

Please pray for this family as they learn more about the Lord and what it means to follow him. 

We’re incredibly blessed by each of you! 

Much Love, 

Sue & Roni