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It has been a hot and humid last month in these parts. Thank goodness for fans and the airflow they create to help us get through our days. Despite the heat, life has continued to be busy with community time, friends, family, and teaching. Tom finished his latest English class, and we are now entering the month of Ramadan across the island. Schedules flip and focus changes during this season, including things related to our school. We put a pause on all classes and instead offer a couple of events throughout the week that will hopefully bring some enjoyment and fun to our students.

Because this is such a spiritually heightened season, during the next month many of us will be fasting (food, social media, snacks, etc.) in some way or another. We would love for you to be part of fasting with us if you are able and praying together over the next 5 weeks.

Here are some focused prayer points that we will be praying for on the island:

In our first week, we are focusing on the indigenous church. Pray for the young men who are risking their lives and leaving everything they have to follow Jesus. Pray also for their friends and families to see the difference Jesus has made in their lives and decide to follow Him as well.

For the week of Mar 18th to 24th, we are focusing on all our local connections. Our team has many people we see on a day-to-day basis, and we are praying for more opportunities to share deeper, leading to active discipleship. Pray that these individuals will come to faith and that the communities around us will be changed by the truth of who Jesus is.

During the week of Mar 25th to 31st, we will focus on a strengthened relationship between the National Church, its leaders, and the growing indigenous church. Pray for the church across the country to realize how important it is to reach out to their millions of Muslim neighbours.

For the last week of Ramadan, April 1st to 7th, we will focus on the spiritual strongholds in our area. We long to see people with a strong desire to seek and find the truth and blinders need to be removed. This week includes a night of power when many of our friends will be seeking additional favour and guidance. Pray for individuals to see dreams and visions and a desire to seek out their meaning.

As Ramadan finishes during the week of Apr 8th, most people will be done fasting, and the celebration of Eid will begin. We will be praying for our English school platform and the relationship we have with the government. Pray for continued favour with the officials over the visas we are given and the relationships we have been able to build through the school.

Thank you for joining us this month in praying and fasting for our neighbours, friends, and local believers!

Many blessings,

Tom & Jenni