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The daily temperature was 35 degrees plus and by July it will be in the high 40s! The political climate is heating up, as inflation pushes food out of reach and there is no electricity half the time. To have lunch at 12:30 you need to get up at 5:00 am to make it—if you need to use any electrical appliances. 

While I was in the country, large protests broke out in three or four cities, with thousands of grandmothers, mothers, and children shouting, “Give us food and electricity!” There’s lots of food available but the prices are out of sight! A dozen eggs cost more than in Canada!! 

A good salary for a laborer runs about $40 Canadian a month. I met a university professor who teaches Engineering, making about CAD 25 a month. No wonder over 3 million people have sold everything and left the country—a third of the population! A young Christian journalist told me she loves being a reporter but HATES LYING!


The Bethel churches that I work with are fuller than ever! In Pastor Vladimir’s church, I ministered 3 times to the public and once to the leadership. Every night, in the public meetings, 5-10 people got saved or returned to Jesus.! 

Tita and I went to visit some of the new converts a few days later, and when I asked how do you feel now, compared to before you met Jesus, THEY ALL SAID, “I FEEL SO MUCH JOY!!” Remember the awful neighbors who threw eggs over the wall at the congregants? Some of them have been saved!!  God is powerfully on the move!!  The praise and worship is SIZZLING!  Because of supporters like you, I was able to purchase a used, professional drum kit for the church! 


Let me tell you about Carlos—He wanted to serve God so he went to Brazil to study in a monastery to become a priest. A few years later, as he neared his ordination, he heard the audible voice of God saying, “Don’t proceed any further! Leave this place immediately!” No one wanted him to go as he showed so much potential. Upon his return to Cuba, he joined a rock band and didn’t go near an evangelical church because he was a Catholic. 

BUT his 3-year-old daughter was invited to Sunday School with her older friends and loved it! Carlos accompanied her and soon got SAVED!! He has experienced rapid growth since then (6 months) and walks in such humility and obedience. I was praying and prophesying over him, and felt to say, “There is still something holding you back Carlos—maybe something that you learned in the past that you haven’t been set free from.”  

THE NEXT DAY  he shows up at the Pastor’s house with his Catholic study books, his robe, and the waist rope with the 3 covenant knots! “I still have this. I want to renounce every vow I made and I want to burn it!” POWERFUL PRESENCE OF GOD!! A new freedom came over him as he burned everything in the bonfire. (Paper from books is the toilet paper in Cuba. I must admit, as the pages from the books burned, I thought, “We are burning so much good toilet paper!” Tita confessed she thought the same thing! The call and the favour of God on this young man is unique!

Pictured: Carlos playing the old drums with the ripped skin. 

About 50 women came out to the women’s conference that Pastor Elina and myself organized. More wanted to come but it was during the week and they had to work. POWERFUL PRESENCE OF GOD IN EVERY ASPECT!  These are some of the most dedicated, on-fire women that I’ve ever met!

Two days before, Pedro, Anna’s husband had a motorcycle accident where he suffered shoulder and leg damage! The next day their son, David, a passenger on a motorcycle was going to see his dad, and they were in an accident! He goes flying, hurts his leg, and is hobbling along. Then the police summon them, in this condition, to travel 12 hours to Havana to defend David in a false accusation. UNBELIEVABLE!  As they were on their way to Havana, Anna was powerfully leading the praise and worship! (By the way, a week later, his clavicle was miraculously back where it belonged!)

So awesome to visit RANCHO DE ESPERANZA outside of Holguin and see the rapid renovations that are going on. Corn, sweet potato, peanuts, bananas, and beans are growing in the fields. The grounds were so much happier after they received the first heavy rain of the spring! We are praying the site will be ready to receive its first students (addicts) in early 2025 and many lives will be changed. This project is under the leadership of Mart Vahi of Village of Hope of Canada.

Pastor Raul and the church were so encouraged as (a couple of weeks ago) God gave Raul a vision. He saw the two hands of God extended towards Cuba and heard the voice of God saying, “HE ESCUCHADO SU CLAMOR!” (I HAVE HEARD YOUR CRIES!) Such rejoicing broke out in the meeting because they knew God had spoken. He had heard their cry and He was working on the situation! SOMETHING IS GOING TO CHANGE -SOON- IN CUBA! Please join these beautiful people in praying for freedom to come to Cuba! 

THIS is fruit of your prayers, your support, and your love for the nations! THANK YOU!

I was blessed going in and blessed coming out! No problems with immigration! So grateful for your prayers!

This was one of the BEST trips I have had to Cuba! I saw SO MUCH FRUIT from the past and the present!

I am greatly encouraged!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!