In Global Stories

We’ve all had these in-between days.

The in-between of ending one thing and the start of another.

The in-between of jobs or school. 

The emotion of one ending, the uncertainty of a new start.

Maybe less common, the in-between countries, without residence (more below). 

These in-between days hold so much change and unknowns. They can feel “unproductive” while waiting for the next thing to start or not knowing how to go forward. They can feel like, “What are you doing here God, because I can’t see it?”

In these days where we live in-between his first and second coming. 

The in-between the cross and the empty grave. 

He is at work, where all hope is lost. 

These in-between days sober me to remember, that nothing I can do in my strength is worth it. My dependency on Him is a gift He gives. He is the author and finisher of our faith. The questions and wrestling of these in-between days are so worth it for the joy that comes when He answers. 

When we face these in-between days let us draw near to Him and embrace the hope of the empty grave and His promises!

The Last Few Months

  • Got to celebrate Christmas at some bigger gatherings
  • I’m continuing language study
  • I was battling some bad colds and moved out of my apartment due to mold
  • My parents came to visit and I was able to show them around
  • I’ve been meeting up with a couple of girls as often as I can

One is Kay, whom I met on a language app last summer. Our conversations are in (broken) language the whole time

The other is May (not her name). She has never heard any Bible stories; I got to share with her about the prodigal son when I visited in December.

I applied for 1-year residency and got 6 months instead. The rules for applying have changed recently—I no longer qualify to renew for this type of visa. So I’ll go out of the country for a few days and come back in on a 30-day visa for May.

After that, I’ll be back and forth between here and there for the next months (temporarily) while a plan is made to navigate the changes again. I’m not alone in this, at least 3 other team members are in a similar boat.

This comes as a bit of a kick in the shins, after a year of trying to live here long-term and facing visa rejections. At the same time, I can see slivers of how God has used it to grow my faith and intimacy with him, I wouldn’t trade that growth for anything. Pray for us as a team as we figure out how to keep moving ahead in working in this part of the world. 

Thank you for your prayers and support!—Britney